Registering for ACT Exam

Options for Registering for ACT Exam

ACT Registration:

You can apply at your desired universities and colleges by using your ACT score as a criterion. Hence, registering for the exam is important. If you are registering for ACT exam, you can do so by two methods, namely, online registration and registration by mail. Those test takers who choose to register by mail have to be younger than 13 otherwise all test takers have to register through their ACT Web Account. In the discussion below we have mentioned the different modes of registering for ACT exam and other related details. Go through them thoroughly in order to know the entire process of ACT registration.

Different Methods of ACT Registration:

There are two methods of registering for ACT exam and they are discussed under the following sub-headings:

a) Online Registration:

Follow the below-mentioned steps for online registration:

You have to be over 13 to apply online for ACT testing. To start your online registration, you must create your own ACT Web Account with your valid email ID and enter all relevant details that are asked. The details pertain to your identification, academic records, desired test centre and residential address, etc. Fill up all the vacant fields and confirm you registration.

Once you have confirmed your registration, you need to pay the exam fees. Use a credit card for the fee transaction.
After you are done paying up your entire exam fees, you will receive an admission ticket that contains all your identification details, test centre code, etc. Check whether all your details have been entered correctly on the ticket and print this admission ticket as it serves as your hall-pass to enter the examination centre on the test day.

Note: Your ACT Web Account has more functions and they are:
You can update your academic records by entering your GPA or latest scores, even after your registration but before your upcoming test date.
In case you want to change your test date, you can log into your account and do the needful and then reprint your admission ticket.
You can view your ACT scores through your account and also request for extra score reports through it.

If you wish to sign up, follow the link:

b) Registration By Mail:

If you are younger than 13 years of age and do not have a credit card to pay the test fee, you can register by mail. If you are a single individual registering for ACT exam, you need to send a Counselor Order Form before sending your request for the register-by-mail packet. The package will be delivered to your desired address, within seven to ten working days, but it will not contain the test centre code or college codes as they are only available online at If you want to request for the Individual Register-by-Mail packet, you have to enter your identification details and your location data, etc. at

Fees for Registration:

You have to pay a basic fee of $34 if you are registering for ACT exam, which also includes the payment for score reporting and score mailing services to a maximum of four colleges of your choice. In case you wish to test for ACT Writing measure, you have to pay $49.50. ACT fees may also include other categories like 5th and 6th college choices ($10 more for each additional college), late registration ($21 for US and Canada) and re-registration over phone ($13 each call), etc. If you wish to view all sorts of additional ACT fees that may be applicable while you are registering for ACT exam, you can click on the following link:

Test Dates and High School/College Codes:

There are two more important details that are needed in order to complete your registration process. While registering for ACT exam, you will be prompted to provide your desired test date. You can select any of the dates that are given at

Moreover, you also have to find out about your high school/college codes. These codes are required for ACT registration and they can be found in (college codes) and (high school codes).

Registering for ACT exam is easiest when you use the online registration tools. It is fast and it quickly allocates your test centre seat, test date and test admission ticket. You can also change any information and details about your ACT registration application, through your ACT Web Account before your test date. This ensures that all personal facts, in the admission ticket, are completely updated.

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