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Preparing for the ACT examination is a daunting task and so is registering for it. Moreover, before you register for the ACT exam you will have to do some homework to ensure that everything is in order before you begin the registration process. You will also have to take into account a number of things, like test locations or whether you require any special accommodations, before you begin registering for the test. Hence, all that you need to do in order to complete the registration process efficiently is discussed in the following section.

Points to Remember for ACT Registration

The ACT registration process becomes easy if you do some homework before you start registering for the test. Before you begin registering, ensure that you have taken into account the following points:

  1. You should select a test date and location. The locations and test dates will differ depending on whether you are appearing for the ACT from USA or Canada, or whether you are an international candidate. Go through the official ACT website thoroughly and then select a test date. Check whether a convenient test location is available for the particular test date that you have selected. This is important because not all centers hold all the ACT examinations. When you begin to register for the ACT exam these are the two important types of information that you have to provide.
  2. While selecting a test date you should also ensure that it does not clash with the admission deadlines of the colleges you wish to apply to. So before you begin to register for the ACT exam check with the admission authorities of various colleges about the last date of application and then select a test date accordingly.
  3. Selection of a test date will also depend upon whether you wish to take the writing test or not. The writing test is not available on all test dates. Hence, if you wish to take it then you will have to select a test date accordingly.
  4. If you require any special facility due to some disability then you will have to mention it during the registration process. For example, if you do not have a testing center within 50 miles of your residence and you cannot travel due to physical disabilities then you can request ACT to arrange a testing facility for you. If you require more information regarding special facilities then click on the following link:
  5. If you are going to register for the ACT exam online then you will need to have a valid credit card to pay the registration fees. Registering through postal service is allowed only if you are below 13 years or cannot make a credit card payment. Moreover, online registration is fast and you can take a print out of your admission ticket the moment the registration process is over. Hence, there is no chance of the admission ticket getting lost or not reaching you on time.

If you require more information about the registration process then click on the following link: Once you have collected all the required information you should register for the ACT exam at the earliest. This will ensure that you can get a seat in the test location of your choice on the test date that you have selected. To help you with the registration process for the ACT examination, the online process for it is discussed in the following section.

Register Online for the ACT Examination

Online registration is not only the fastest but also the most reliable method of registering for the examination. You can monitor the entire process from the comfort of your home as well as take a print out of your admission ticket the moment your registration is complete. The first step for online registration begins with you making an online account on the official website. In order to create the account click on the following link:

This account is important because if you wish to make any changes, like changing of the test date or if you wish to check your score then you can do that by accessing your account. You can also request ACT to send you extra score cards with the help of the student account. All payments to ACT are also made through this account. Hence, creating a student account in order to register for the ACT exam is essential. Once you have made the account all you need to do is to follow the instructions and make the required payments and your registration process will be completed. Once you are done registering for the test, you can start preparing for the examination with an easy mind.

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