Register for ACT Test Through Registration Packet:

You can choose to enrol for the ACT through a registration packet and you can request for the same from will have to wait till seven working days for it to arrive.
Ensure that you plan everything in such a way that you do not skip the registration deadline. Generally, high schools also give out the registration packet and the fee structure to the candidates and this differs from province to province.
There are no strict eligibility laws and anyone can register for the test and there is also no fixed age or educational qualification required for the same. Before taking the ACT, you have to enrol for the same and then the scores that you obtain will be taken into consideration by the college authorities. 

ACT College Test Registration for Disabled Students:

There is a provision for disabled students in the registration process. Disabled students are allowed to register for free accommodation facilities, but for that they will have to get all the required documents and submit them to the concerned authorities.
All the information that you will provide in the form for disabled students will be kept as confidential and will not be given out to anyone. The main motive behind asking for the such details is to see if you are eligible to avail the facility of free accommodation.
The details about the accommodation that you will fill in the form will be strictly for office use. In case you want 50% extra time to complete your test because of the disability that you suffer, you will have to mention the same in this document.
You can also get the test date changed and ask for some other test date other than that which you have mentioned in form. In case you need some extra information other than that which is mentioned in the form for disabled students, you can contact the concerned authorities.

Register for the ACT Test Online:

You can enrol for the ACT by visiting the official web site. It is comparatively easier to sign up online but you should see to it that you meet the desired qualification criterion.
This option will allow you to sign up your name for the tests quickly and you can consider this option if your testing center falls outside the boundaries of America or Canada. After your online registration, the fee will have to be paid for the exam by the use of a credit card. You will get immediate information related to the various test centers that are available as soon as you register and you can get your admission card printed there and then too.

ACT Test Sign up for Tips:

It is very important to keep certain tips in mind when you are taking the test and by joining classes for ACT, you will be able to obtain all the advice and suggestions that you need to excel in the exam. You will be provided with many easy and reasonable tips which will help you in a number of ways, especially with time management technique.
The classes are generally held twice or thrice a week and the instructors who come and give the tips are generally subject experts with complete knowledge of the subject and the tips are best suited for that particular subject.
You should consider opting for such classes as they are very educative and can help you ace the exam.

ACT Test Registration Form:

The registration form can be downloaded from the official website or can be obtained from the center from which is it distributed. In this document, you will have to give complete information about yourself, such as your name i.e. first name, maiden name and last name.You will also have to mention your complete postal address for office use along with your phone number and area code. While writing your postal address, do not forget to mention the state and the country in which you reside. These forms are basically used for maintaining office records and are not displayed to anyone at any cost.
It is also sensible to fill and submit this document as early as possible so as to avoid last minute hiccups and so that you can receive information about the test center that has been allotted to you well in time.