Preparing for ACT Test

The Best Companies to Prepare You for ACT Test

ACT scores or an equivalent college entrance test scores are essential for applying to colleges/universities in the US. Though ACT is a curriculum-based test that measures your academic abilities at high-school level, it calls for systematic preparation and a great amount of practice for securing a good score.

Depending on your personal style of learning, your requirements, budgetary constraints, and the timeframe available, you can find a number of ways to prepare for the test. You may prepare on your own, join a professional prep program, or have a mix of methods for various sections of the test depending on your requirements. If you are thinking of taking any kind of professional help for preparing for ACT test, here is a list of course providers, publishers, and companies - including some of the best names from the exam prep industry to small-time publishers.

Professional Program Providers for ACT Preparation

While many aspiring test takers opt for self-preparation, many others prefer to join professional programs while preparing for ACT test. One of the main advantages of prep programs is that they provide you with all the required information, guidance, and materials required for test taking - starting from content reviews and practice questions to tips and strategies; and all that you need to know about ACT. In addition, the organized way of preparation these programs follow provides you with that essential structure for learning. If you are thinking of joining a prep program, here is a list of some of the most popular ACT prep program providers that you cannot miss:

  • The Princeton Review (TPR): TPR offers some of the most sought-after programs for ACT preparation today. These include private tutoring programs, classroom programs, cram packages, small-group instruction programs, and online prep courses (
  • Kaplan: One of the biggest brands in the exam prep industry, Kaplan has a number of comprehensive and specific programs that can aid preparing for ACT test; online instruction programs, private tutoring programs, and small-group tutoring programs are some of these. You can find more information online at:
  • Sylvan Learning: An important provider of academic services and prep programs, Sylvan Learning offers programs that focus more on the individual learner. The Sylvan ACT prep program offers to tailor a personalized plan for each individual student to build the required skills, attitudes, and confidence level to score high in the ACT test (
  • ACT Inc. The most authentic prep program for ACT, however, comes from none other than the owners and developers of the test. Available online, this program is a comprehensive resource for ACT preparation, and comes with all the required information and tips, in addition to content topics and practice materials (

The Best Publishers for ACT Prep Materials

Having a personal collection of good prep books and study guide materials is a must, even if you join a prep program for ACT preparation. If you plan to self-study, having a good book collection is all the more important. While ACT Inc. provides some of the best free and paid resources and publications for preparing for the ACT test, there are many others you should definitely check out:

  • Mc-Graw Hill: McGraw-Hill's ACT, 2011 Edition is one of the acclaimed electronic books for ACT preparation. This comprehensive book includes all materials from content reviews to tips and tricks, and interactive practice tests. The book is available in the paper-format as well along with a CD ROM. More titles are also available from the publishers for ACT and SAT preparation.
  • Barron's: Another big name in the publishing industry, Barron's has a number of publications that can help you while preparing for ACT test or the SAT test. Barron's ACT is a popular title among ACT aspirants today.
  • For Dummies: As in many other fields of study, the publishers have a number of titles for ACT preparation, as well. The important titles are ACT for Dummies and ACT Math for Dummies.

Online Resource Providers for ACT Preparation

Here is a list of companies/organizations that provide you with online resources and materials useful for preparing for ACT test; with a focus on free materials.

You can find more providers for ACT prep materials/resources online (including free stuff). It is recommended that you choose the best that suits your needs and as per your budget; however, remember to choose only reliable and authentic materials that can actually help you prepare for the exam.

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