Preparation for ACT

Online Prep for ACT

It is comparatively easy to prepare for standardized tests since you can predict to a certain extent the content of the test and the kind of questions asked. The ACT is also one such standardized test. Thus, you can utilize a lot of online and offline resources while structuring your preparation for it. We will be discussing only online resources here.

How to Prepare for ACT?

The first step you need to take to start your preparation is to study the pattern of the test. Next, you need to understand the concepts of the test and start practicing questions. Practice tests, sample questions as well as online lessons are available to help undertake self-study. These resources can be free or you might have to pay a nominal fee to access them.

ACT Student Website (

ACT Student Website is the official website of ACT and is also a completely free website that is dedicated to helping students prepare for the  test. The website has thorough reviews of all the sections of the test and information about the concepts tested in these sections. Following the links provided will lead you to practice questions for all the sections of the test. These are solved questions complete with explanations as to why the answer is right or wrong. This website should be your first stop while preparing for the test.

ACT Online Prep (

The makers of the test have developed this software to help you prepare for the test and also make your preparation as enjoyable as possible! This software creates a virtual city called 'ACTropolis' where you will find every resource you need to prepare for the test. You will find preparation tools for the Mathematics section in the 'Math Marina' area of the city while the Science section is covered in the 'Science Center'. This pattern is followed for all sections in this colorful attractive software. A review of all sections of the test as well as several practice tests is provided. There is also one diagnostic test with scoring facilities to review your progress. To gain access for one year to this online software, you will have to pay a fee of $19.95.

McGraw-Hill (

McGraw-Hill is a renowned test preparation company and makes available free as well as paid online resources aimed at helping you in your endeavor. There are five practice tests in total available on the site out of which two are free. Many of the practice questions related to different sections of the test are also free for all. You can gain access to all materials by paying a nominal fee of $21.

Barron's Test Prep (

Barron's test preparation site provides students with all the resources required to study for the exam. Basic tactics on solving exam questions are given in the website with specialized methods for tackling questions on different subjects. You will also gain access to Barron's famous word lists that make the English section of any exam easy. Detailed explanations to all practice questions are given. You will also be able to solve a number of mock tests. Your progress will be tracked so that you can judge how far you have come and how much more you need to prepare. A free trial of the website is provided but complete access for 6 months can be obtained by paying $19.99.

ACT Practice Test (

This website is free and has questions pertaining to all sections of the test. Solutions are also provided along with helpful tips and strategies  to help you prepare for the exam.

In the end, what matters the most while preparing for an exam is practice. Going through even 2-3 of the above listed websites will help you in a great way in your overall preparation for the exam. In addition to these practice questions, go through the practice test papers in whichever study book you have purchased. Doing so will surely make you feel completely ready for the test.