Study Plan for the ACT

A Sample 30 Day Study Plan for ACT

When you commence preparation for any exam, you do need a study plan so as to achieve high scores in that exam. This article will discuss such type study plan in context of the ACT . To formulate a study plan or to plan for this examination, you can refer to the study plan given here and modify it to suit your needs. This plan has been developed after assuming that a student has only a month or a little more than that left to prepare for the test.

Day 1: Begin by studying the format of the test, understanding what subjects are tested, the number of questions per section and the time allotted to you for completing each section.

Day 2: The second day should be spent in analyzing the kind of questions that are asked in the test. The best source for doing this would be the official ACT website (

Day 3: Set a deadline for revising the content tested in ACT and also decide the number of hours you wish to devote to studying each day (four hours minimum) in your study plan. Give yourself a week at most. Now, assimilate all materials required for test preparation. Buy or borrow a study guide from your library. Choose from among The Real ACT Prep Guide, Barron's ACT, Cracking the ACT (The Princeton Review), Kaplan ACT 2012 Premier, etc. Start studying from this day and begin with a subject that you like.

Day 4: Take a diagnostic test or mock test on this day. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses. This will provide you with the knowledge of how much you need to work to achieve the score you want.

Day 5-6: Start these two days with the English section of the exam. Revise all concepts and start solving practice questions. If your vocabulary is weak, include vocabulary practice into your everyday study routine. It is very important to solve the sample questions given on the official website. Follow this practice for the other test sections as well.

Day 7-8: Spend these two days preparing for the Reading section. Solve as many comprehension passages as you can find and other related questions of this section. A weakness in this section can only be eliminated by inculcating a reading habit. Read newspapers, magazines, journals and do this every day for at least half an hour to improve your reading skills.

Day 9-10: Now begin concentrating on the Science section of the exam. Revise basic concepts and repeat the procedure of beginning with sample questions.

Day 11-12: Follow the above procedure for the Math section.

Day 13: If you are planning to take the ACT Plus Writing, spend at least one day in understanding this section and evaluating your writing skills.

Day 14: Take a mock test and see how much you have improved. Doing this will point out which sections you are thorough with and which ones you need to work on.

Identify your weakest suit.

Day 15-16: Devote additional time studying and revising the sections you are not yet comfortable with.

Day 17: Take a mock test to track your progress.

Day 18-23: Spend these six days in solving practice questions of all sections. Do not forget to include vocabulary and reading practice into your study routine. Now, increase your studying time to 8 hours daily if you have not already done so. Preparation for the Reading section can also be increased to an hour every day.

Day 24: It is time to take another mock test! You would probably have shown a great deal of improvement by now. Identify where you are losing marks in individual sections.

Day 25-26: Spend these two days revising and practicing specific questions which are based on the topics which make you lose marks as identified in the previous days.

Day 27-30: Spend your time in attempting practice tests only. Solve at least two each day. Being one of the most important parts of your ACT preparation plan, this is what will help you most on the day of the actual test.