How to Take the ACT Test?

Step-by-Step ACT Test Taking Guide

ACT is one of the most popular tests that provide a way to experience the college-level studies and shape your future by taking employment according to your plans. This test can be taken by anyone who has passed his/her high school and wants to take up higher studies. However, this test is most prevalent in the United States and its territories. It is also popular in other countries such as Canada and Puerto Rico. If you are interested in ACT, then you must know how to take the ACT test. For this, first you will have to register yourself with the official website of ACT by opening a free ACT web account. You can also register for the test via e-mail and through phone. However, an online registration is the most popular and fastest medium for ACT test registration.

Online Test Registration and your Eligibility

Although, online test registration is the fastest and most popular method of ACT registration but, are you eligible to experience it? Of course yes, if you are at least 13 years old! What you need to do is to:

  • Visit the official website of ACT
  • Open your free ACT web account, register yourself and mention your complete profile including your demographic information, academic information, the subjects you are interested in, your hobbies and your career plans.

Check for the Suitable Colleges

Before you register yourself for ACT, the first step in the process of how to take the ACT test should be to enquire about the colleges where you are interested to take up higher education. On enquiry, you will come to know about:

  • The average ACT scores that they consider for offering admissions to students.
  • The application submission deadlines for various graduate and postgraduate level courses that they offer.
  • The onset of the academic sessions of various courses that they run in their campuses.

Choose the ACT Test Format

While you are deciding on the colleges where you want to take admission, you also have to choose from among the ACT test formats i.e. ACT without writing test and ACT Plus writing test. This is to be done based on the demands of the colleges wherever you are applying, mean to say that which test format of ACT the colleges are giving importance to for their higher level courses.

Choose the most Suitable Test Date

Based on the information about colleges, decide on the test date that is most suitable for you.

Choose the most Convenient Test Center

After you have decided on the most suitable test date, the next step of how to take the ACT test should be to select the most convenient test center accordingly. Mind to select the most suitable test center based on the following factors:

  • Not all test centers organize the test on the same dates; therefore, you have to choose the test center that is conducting ACT on your chosen test date.
  • The test center should be convenient to reach from your place of residence.
  • The test center should have good infrastructure i.e. it should be well ventilated, should have a proper seating arrangement along with the well-educated and cooperative supervisors.

Fill in the Registration Form

After you have decided on the ACT test format, test date and test center; the further step of the process of how to take the ACT test should be to fill in the online registration form. Once the form is filled, you can then wait for the acknowledgement from the ACT administration through an e-mail. Also, check for the availability of seats in the test center that you have chosen. If a seat is not available for you, search for other test centers immediately and fill the form accordingly.

Take the Test

The final step of the query how to take the ACT test is to attend the test. It is also necessary to know what you will be required to do if due to certain circumstances, you are not able to register for the test in time and have also missed the chance of availing the late registration facility. The official website of ACT will guide you for this! In such a case, you cannot think about taking ACT on any other test date. For this, you can re-register yourself through telephone, as it is very quick and a sure medium to convey your problem to the ACT administration. You have to pay an additional fee of $13.00 over the basic registration fee for availing this facility. If, however, you have missed this chance also, then, you can opt for the standby testing i.e. reach the spot of examination on the exam date, enquire about the availability of seats, and pay an additional fee of $42.00 over the basic registration fee to take the ACT test.

Guess these details will guide you systematically in response to the query that you have raised, which is how to take the ACT test?

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