ACT Exam Registration Details

When Should You Register for ACT

The ACT is a standardized admission test and it serves as an assessment of how ready the students are for college. The exam is divided into four sections that assess your knowledge in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. An additional Writing test can also be taken by students, if they wish to, by opting for the ACT Plus Writing exam. If you want to take the test, you need to know way through which you can register for the same, the fee structure, accommodation for disabilities, standby testing, non-Saturday testing, etc.

There are only two ways to register for the exam. The first method is to register online and this is the preferred option by majority of the candidates. The second method is to register by mail but this option is subject to certain restrictions.

Online Registration

How do you register for the ACT online? Students who fall outside the territory of the United States or Canada can only register online. To register online, you will have to first make a student web account on the official website ( The registration process is relatively simple and is completely free of cost. You will be asked to provide personal details. Make sure that these details are true to the best of your knowledge.

The next step is to login to the account you have created. Select the 'Register to Test' option that you see. Now go on to 'Your Test Selection'. After this, just follow the instructions given, which includes providing details of your educational qualifications and then select the test date and testing center of your choice. You can also apply for provisions of standby testing, non-Saturday testing, etc. An option of late registration is provided, which is generally available till up to two weeks before the exam. You will have to confirm your registration before proceeding to make payment. Payment is accepted only via debit/credit cards of JCB, Discover, MasterCard and VISA.

Mail Registration

If you are wondering how you can register for the exam by mail, then the answer to this is to request a Mail Packet Registration form ( . You need to wait for 7-10 days for the delivery of this form. This option is available only to the residents of the United States and Canada. To avail this option, you must either be below 13 years of age or you do not possess a credit card.

Fee Structure

The fee structure for the exam is very straight forward. To register for the examination, you need to pay $34 while the fee for ACT Plus Writing is $49.50. Additional fees of $21 each are charged to avail services of late registration, changing test center or changing test date. International students wishing to take the ACT have to pay a surcharge of $27. For standby testing services, you have to submit an additional fee of $42. Each additional score report, apart from the four provided, will cost $10.

Standby Testing

If you have not registered for the test and have missed all registration deadlines, you are provided with an option of standby testing. You can visit this link - - to find out about the registration process of standby testing. This option is subject to the availability of seats, materials and staff. Seats are provided on a first come, first served basis.

Non-Saturday Testing

To apply for non-Saturday testing (, you must either be living in a remote area with no ACT test center within 50 miles of you, or you are unable to test on a Saturday due to religious beliefs.

Disability Accommodations

Students unable to test in normal testing conditions because of being afflicted by a disability can apply for special disability accommodations ( The first provision provides for slight alterations to the testing conditions such as providing extra breaks or allowing snacks in the exam room. The second provision allows for major alterations to the testing conditions including providing the test in Braille, allowed extended testing time (5 hours or 5 hours 45 minutes), etc. The third provision deals with providing for the test to be held over multiple days, in alternate formats, etc. There are no extra charges for availing these options.