How to Prepare for ACT Test

7 Essentials of ACT Prep

The scores that you obtain on your ACT test can determine the entire course of your higher education. Although you are allowed to take the ACT test more than once, it is better to get the scores that you want, in your very first attempt. You can achieve this by studying and preparing your best for the ACT test. However, hard work alone may not be sufficient. You also have to know how to prepare for ACT test. If you understand how to prepare for ACT test, you will be able to direct your efforts in the correct direction. This article will tell you how to prepare for ACT test, so that you can get the scores that you want. The seven essentials of ACT prep are as follows:

1. Select Your Target Scores:

You should begin with some research into the schools you would like to study at. Find out the ACT scores they expect and make a range of scores as your target. You will find it easier to work towards a set goal, than towards a vague target.

2. Make Time for Preparation:

Most people need at least a few months of dedicated preparation for ACT test. Select a time of the day when you will be free to study, yet you will not be too tired to do so. For instance, some people study well at night, but others find that they are not able to concentrate. Such people study well, early in the morning. You should also take a sufficient number of breaks while studying. The breaks should be frequent enough to keep your mind alert, yet not so frequent that they interrupt the flow of work.

3. Study from the Best Prep Books:

You should have at least one basic guide book that discusses all the topics of the ACT test. You may need additional books that focus on Mathematics or Science, or any other subject that you feel you need more help with. Make sure you get only the latest editions.

4. Keep Variety in Your Study Schedule:

Study at least two subjects in a day. Variety in your schedule will keep your interest. Each day, learn concepts and practice questions on what you have learnt.

5. Practice Tests:

No set of tips on how to prepare for ACT test is complete without this advice. Doing lots of practice tests will help you to memorize the instructions given in the test. This will save you valuable time when you are taking the actual test. Practice tests also add to your confidence. If you find yourself getting too nervous on the day of the ACT test, remind yourself that you have done this before.

6. For the Mathematics test, practice the problems with the same calculator that you plan to use for the ACT test. Even if you do not want to use a calculator, you should plan on taking one to the test, just in case you do need it. Make sure you are comfortable with the calculator as you prepare for the test.

7. If you are planning to take the Writing test, get as much practice as you can at writing essays. Ask a teacher, a parent or an older sibling to coach you. This is not the time to be shy. You should take whatever help you can get.

Follow these guidelines on how to prepare for ACT test, and you should be able to achieve your target scores. Try to be as calm and relaxed as you can, on the test day. If you have prepared well, you will do well in the test.

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