How to Pass the ACT Test?

7 Tips to Help You Prepare for ACT

ACT is an important examination for admission to colleges. After going through years of schooling you realize that the obstacle between you and your desired college is this examination and you start wondering how to pass this test. The following tips will help you to learn how to get passing scores in the test.

1. Collect the Resources

When it comes to taking the ACT, the first thing you should look for are the preparatory materials needed for the test. Collect the practice test papers and the study materials for all the four sections of the test. The official website of ACT contains a lot of resources related to its test: Few of them are to be purchased and some are available for free.

2. Scan the Sample Test Papers

Once you have got the resources in hand, it's time to start with the test preparation. One good strategy for preparation is to first scan sample test papers and get an idea of the kind of questions that are asked in this test. With this idea, you can take up one subject at a time and jot down what all you need to cover. Do the same thing with all the four subjects that are asked in the ACT test. This will give you a clue on passing this exam.

3. Practical Routine

Generally in the initial days of the preparation, students tend to form a routine which is not practical in the long run. It is advised that you should make a workable routine leaving time for workout and other things which de-stress you. A student typically needs between 3-12 months to prepare for ACT. So you need to keep your energy level high till the day of test.

4. Practice

Practice is the key to success. In the last 3 months of preparation, concentrate on practicing dummy tests. Dummy test should be taken in real test like situation. You should time your test and check the answers only after the test ends. This will give you the confidence to obtain passing scores in the test.

5. Day Before Exam

Stay calm and revise the important tips that you have gathered during the course of your preparation. Revise the mathematical formulas and the English vocabulary. Do not let anxiety sweep into you. You have prepared for this test for a long time and you have taken numerous dummy tests in the last three months. So just relax. Before you hit the bed, make sure that you have properly arranged the things required to be carried to the test centre. Check for your admission ticket, stationary items and wallet. It is a good idea to carry little snacks to the test center so that you can have them in the break provided between the tests. Sleep adequately and put your alarm on so that you do not get late for the test.

6. At the Test Center

Reach the test center in time. Relax and wait till you get the question booklet. Read the instructions on the cover of the test booklet carefully. Since all the sections of the ACT test are timed, you should have a strategy to tackle the questions. One strategy is to first attempt the easy questions and then revisit the same section to answer the tougher questions. This would ease your pressure and would take you easily through the test.

7. Track the Time

Your strategy must include time planning. Since every second matters, you must fully utilize this time. Do not pause long on a question. If any question seems to take longer time, just skip it for the time being and then later through guessing eliminate the choices to select the most appropriate answer. Keep 5-10 minutes extra at the end of each section, so that you can check your marked answers and also answer skipped questions. ACT does not carry negative marking for incorrect answers so attempt all the questions.

With your test preparation and these important tips, you will be able to know how to crack the test and score well.