ACT Scores and Their Interpretation

A good score in ACT is a tool that helps you to get admission in a college of your choice. When you apply in the colleges with your ACT reports, colleges compare your high school records, your activities and your rank with the other students. A respectable score in this test helps you in getting admission in a college of your choice and also place you in a good course. Colleges usually take into consideration appropriate score in the four sections individually to judge your strengths and weaknesses. These scores help colleges in placing students in different levels of programs as many colleges offer regular and advanced levels of courses. These scores also help you in getting financial help for your college studies. While considering students for scholarships and grants, college authorities consider your high school grades, your personal background and also your ACT result. While grants usually depend on the financial need of the students, scholarships are merit based so a superior score in ACT can really be a boon. If you have a high  score then you can also apply for a loan for studies as many loan agencies consider good result in ACT an add on eligibility criteria.
There is no limit to the number of times you can take this exam. And it is allowed to send your best scores to the colleges. Many students take ACT once in their junior year and if they do not get a satisfactory score then they reappear for it in their senior year to attain good scores.

National Ranks

National Ranks give you a good understanding of  a good score. While it is very difficult to judge a student solely on the basis of a test's score, national ranks are a good way to know a student's performance as compared to other students who have taken ACT. With your ACT results, you are also given national ranks on the basis of your scores. A good score and a high national rank help the colleges to compare you with the other students who have taken ACT for admissions in colleges. It is very important to understand the relation between high scores and rank. If you have attained a score of 30 but your rank is 70 then it means 70% of the students have scored same or lower than you; that means 30% students have scored higher marks than you. Your rank is an approximate percentage of students who have scored same or lower than you.

ACT Score Report

ACT score reports are sent to the colleges of your choice directly. It usually takes 3 to 7 weeks for the scores to reach. The fee for score reports is included in the regular fee of ACT which is $30. You can view your result at the official web site by logging on to your web account.
Finally, the conclusion is that to get admission in a college and course of your choice, you have to get a high score in ACT test.. Knowledge about the nature of the scores and  ranks and requirements of different colleges will help you to do well in the exam and allow you to know your position while applying for admission.

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