College ACT Test

What Is the Importance of ACT

The ACT examination is designed to analyze your proficiency in high school level of English (Reading and Writing), Science and Mathematics. It is used by the admissions authorities of colleges to get a better understanding of the knowledge you have gathered in high school.

The college ACT test also requires you to apply your knowledge. You cannot ace the examination by merely learning by heart. You will also have to know how to use your knowledge. Thus, colleges require your ACT score to analyze your candidature. Some more reasons as to why colleges attach so much importance to the ACT score are discussed in the following section.

Utilities of Your College ACT Test

The most important indicator of the candidates' intellectual abilities is the score they receive in examinations. Thus, the score of the college ACT test also provides the colleges with the most important tool to help the admission authorities to understand and analyze candidates' capabilities and knowledge. It is a common test that candidates, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, have to appear for if they want to get admission in colleges in the USA.

Since you will get only limited time to answer the questions, you will have to learn time management. Moreover, the score you receive indicates not only your efficiency but also your capability of being able to think and analyze under time constraints. This is a very important talent if you want to succeed in a college environment.

Thus, the college ACT test is a complete examination because it portrays your knowledge of the subjects covered in school as well as your capacity in pursuing a college course. It also lets the admissions authorities understand your seriousness and intent of pursuing further education. So if you wish to ace the examination you must prepare well and practice hard for it. But before you start preparing for the examination, you must know the structure and content of the ACT examination and they are discussed in the following section.

Question Paper Format of the ACT

The college ACT test is so designed that it gives equal importance to all the subjects that you have studied in high school. The question paper consists of 5 parts that will test your knowledge of Science, Mathematics and English. The Writing section of ACT is optional. The types of questions that you will come across in the ACT test are as follows:

  • The score you receive in the English section of the examination is a reflection of your knowledge of the technicalities as well as usage of English grammar. You will have to check sentences for punctuation errors, wrong usage of English grammar, coherence and wrong stylistic usage of the language. Questions will be divided in such a manner that all the nuances of English grammar are covered.
  • As a follow up of the English section is the Reading section of the ACT. This section will require you to apply your knowledge of not only English (fiction) but Social Sciences, Humanities and Natural Sciences. In other words, you will have to garner all knowledge of all the subjects that you have studied in high school in order to answer these questions. Here you will have to read passages on each of the four afore-mentioned topics and answer a module of 10 questions for each passage.
  • The Science section will test your knowledge of science. However, it is an indirect test since you will have to apply your knowledge of science to answer questions pertaining to Data Interpretation, Research Summaries and Conflicting Viewpoints. The questions need you to garner your analytical skills as well as your knowledge of the subject.
  • The questions of the Mathematics section of the ACT examination pertain to all that you have studied in high school. You will come across questions from Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry in this section of the examination.
  • The Writing section is the final section of ACT, but it depends on you whether you wish to take the test or not. You will have to write an essay on a given topic. This essay is a test of your analytical skills.

The list above outlines ACT question paper structure. If you need more information on it then click on the following link:

Once you have gathered all the information about the examination, you can start preparing for it. The fact that it will test your already acquired knowledge should not make you lax and you should prepare for the college ACT test seriously. After all, proper preparation alone will ensure good results.

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