Requirements from ACT for Colleges

ACT Test Prerequisites

You have obtained a high school degree, and your aims are high! You are not financially sound and need financial aid for higher studies! You want to be successful in your life by getting an employment and raise your standard of living! But how? The answer to all these questions is one: ACT! When students decide to take this examination, they also decide about the colleges where they have to apply for taking admission. To attempt this test:

  • Aspirants open their free ACT web account and register themselves with the official website where their complete profile is mentioned.

  • Further, aspirants are asked to give their choices of about four colleges where they want to study at their graduation level.

  • After the test is over, the ACT administration sends the scores of students to the colleges of their choice.

  • These colleges consider the scores of students if they meet their admission eligibility criteria for various graduate and postgraduate courses that the colleges offer in their campuses.

  • Alongside, colleges also glance through the academic backgrounds, high school grades, interests of students and their career plans while short-listing ACT aspirants for further selection processes.

However, if some of those students who have applied for admissions to the colleges, do not turn up in time for the next steps that follow the test, these colleges inquire about them. Thereafter, they give those students a chance to take the exam in their own campuses on a date other than the universal ACT test dates. If those students pass the exam conducted by the college, they are then, considered for taking part in further steps of admission. This is known as the Residual Testing Program. In the following paragraphs, the criteria of ACT  are explained with a few examples:

ACT Test Prerequisites for Admissions to Colleges

Colleges must co-operate with the test administration authorities in considering the  certificates of ACT as an important criterion in offering admissions to students for their various graduate level courses. You must not think that you can get admission to your dream college by merely applying to that college. Your ACT certificate will be accepted only if you meet some other important criteria laid down by the colleges before you. The criteria for admission vary from one college to another. However, some conditions are inevitable for taking admissions to colleges and thus, apply to almost every college; such as:  weightage is given to academic backgrounds, high school grades of applicants, their extracurricular activities, career plans etc.

The criteria for admission to colleges can be explained by taking some examples such as: University of Minnesota, is one of the most popular educational spots in the United States of America. It aims at providing premier education to students at graduate and postgraduate levels in Arts, Science and Commerce streams. University of Minnesota comprises several departments of study such as; Biological Sciences; Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences; Science and Engineering Department; Management; Design and Liberal Arts. According to the admission statistics of the fall semester 2011, the average ACT scores that these departments have accepted are 30.4, 26.1, 30.6, 29.5, 27.3, again 27.3 respectively. If you want to get detailed information about the requirements of admission to University of Minnesota, you can visit the link

Another example that will be of help to you is Georgia College for undergraduate studies. Join this college if you want to learn course concepts with fun! It considers ACT as one of the most important criteria for offering admissions to its courses. If you want to be considered for the Early Action plan for admission to its undergraduate program, the September ACT will be your last chance. On the other hand, if you want to be eligible for the Georgia's scholarship, the December ACT will be your last opportunity. Besides, the February ACT will be the last opportunity to be considered for the Regular Admission plan. To get more details on this college admission and the ACT, you can log on to the webpage:

Hey, hurry up! Grab these admission details about the various colleges and apply to them accordingly. However, if owing to some reasons, you are not able to attend ACT according to the application submission requirements of some of the best colleges, you can take the test separately for those colleges, at their respective campuses.