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5 Reasons Why you Should Attend an ACT Prep Class

The ACT test is a popular competitive test which is specially taken by those students who want to qualify to gain college-level education in the United States. The ACT, being such a global and academic test, students generally want to prepare with the help of a tutorial or coaching class. These preparatory classes are provided by many professional companies in and around the United States. The most common, convenient, and popular is an online prep class for this test. The preparation can be done through various other options as well. Before we delve into reviewing a few of these options, let us understand why a student should attend a coaching class in the first place.

Reasons why Students Should Attend a Coaching Class for ACT:

1. Competitive Edge:

With growing global competition, it is imperative that a student has an edge over the knowledge of other candidates, to score higher. To improve a student's future prospects through the ACT, there is no other beneficial alternative than a preparatory class. These classes will not only help students in assimilating information and techniques for higher scores, but they will also help them achieve a place in their desired colleges in future as well.

2. Discipline:

Most of these coaching classes follow a strict schedule or are formatted keeping in mind the study schedules of the students. In both cases students will have to give the required amount of time to prepare for the test. This will make their preparation disciplined.

3. Self-Assessment and Motivation:

Test- taking techniques and strategies are instilled into a student's mind, through the prep classes. Additionally, they also conduct review sessions for students. This provides them with eagerness and motivation to study as they can see how the strategies that they are learning are helping them improve their scores.

4. Good Quality Study Material and Authentic Books:

The coaching classes provide students with review books and authentic study materials. These preparatory materials add value to the knowledge that a student acquires through this class. The study materials, which are of good quality, also help students prepare for the test in their own time after the classes.

5. Group Discussions and Knowledge-Sharing:

These classes for preparation are held either in groups or, have an arrangement that allows interaction with the other students taking the class. Through this social set-up for learning, students can benefit from the knowledge of others and if they miss out on certain information during the class, they can check with their counterparts to be on the same page with them. Group discussions and sharing of knowledge also helps students judge where they stand in terms of their competition and thus gives them a reality check.

The following are a Few Popular ACT Prep Classes:

1. Princeton Review ACT Classes:

Princeton Review is a test-prep company which conducts various classes for many competitive tests. Through its multifaceted classes and a gamut of self-published prep materials, students stand a good chance of doing well in their test. A few features of these classes are as follows:

  • There are seven formats that are available with the company for students to take up a preparatory class. The classes for ACT are conducted through online courses, full-time extensive courses, through a learning package that combines online and tutor-based classes, within classrooms in small groups, through live-online courses, private tutoring etc.
  • Most classes are conducted in concurrence with the schedules of the students.
  • The tutors and advisors with the company are experts in their field of knowledge and this makes their classes worth the cost.
  • The price of different modules for classes is different as they have different formats.

To acquire detailed information about Princeton Review ACT classes, their price, structure etc., students should visit the link:

2. Kaplan

The Kaplan Test-Prep company's name is synonymous with value driven coaching classes. Though the company has many options for ACT test-preparation, there are a couple of them that include a live-ACT prep class. The following preparatory options of Kaplan can be considered:

  • Its individual or small group tutoring classes
  • Its full-time classroom based classes
  • Using their review books followed by review classes.

All these three options have a different course and cost structure. For a clear understanding of Kaplan's ACT coaching, visit the link:

3. ACT Prep classes by Sylvan Learning

Though the company is not as multifaceted as  Kaplan and Princeton Review yet, its preparatory classes are very competitive and effective. The company claims to have expert tutors who conduct these classes. The preparation is done by taking students through all concepts relating to the ACT. Students can also take subject-wise tuition for areas in which  they are weak . For ACT, the company provides:

  • Lectures
  • Practice tests and sample papers
  • Customized tuitions for students who want special help for the test
  • Refund of the enrollment fees if students are dissatisfied with the classes.

For a detailed overview of its coaching classes and preparatory courses along with other company details, visit the link:

If we were to assess the education market in today's world, we would find that students are spoilt for choices when it comes to competitive examinations, and the options to prepare for them. However, students should remember that coaching classes are an aid to improve their preparation, but they are not a replacement for self study.