Which is the Best Book for ACT?

Pros and Cons of Using Books for ACT Prep

Going through a rigorous preparation schedule is very important for ACT. It is very important for everyone to perform well in the examination. However, for all the test takers, prep books are a common source of preparation. Many test takers, despite attending training institutes prefer studying from the preparatory books available to them. Hence, it is very important that you know the pros and cons of using a prep book, while preparing for the examination. Further, you should know how to decide that a particular study guide is ideally suited for your preparation.

Pros and Cons of Using Books for ACT prep

Using a prep book is very essential for your preparation. However, there will be both advantages and disadvantages of using any particular prep book. You should cautiously observe the pros and cons of using books for your preparation in order to balance your preparation in a strategic manner.


  • Using the book, which meets most of your requirements will be advantageous for you. There will not be only one particular book because it fairly depends upon the one who uses it to prepare for the test. One student may find some book the best and others may not. This difference exists because of the requirements of the students.

  • The ideal preparatory book for you will be the one that offers you complete review of all the sections and the question types. There will be solved examples to understand the pattern in a better way.

  • Further, your choice of a book should be such that it contains many practice questions and full-length test papers that will help you master the skill of solving problems.

  • Such a book will contain many tips and test taking strategies that will help reduce your solving time.


  • There are many prep books that offer nothing interesting to students preparing for the examination. You will be prone to experiencing the disadvantages of using prep books if you do not select the ideal one among all others.

  • There are many books which do not give enough review of all the sections. Further, they do not contain enough practice questions for helping you improve. Moreover, some books provide you with practice questions of low difficulty level. You will feel happy practicing such questions but that does not help you in your real examination.

The Real ACT Prep Guide

The Real ACT Prep Guide is a very informative prep book that is published by the official ACT administrators. It is the best source to practice numerous questions that will help you clearly understand the real questions. It is by far advised and regarded as the most suitable preparatory book. Even if you choose any other book for the examination, do not forget to go through this book once in order to have a better idea on the questions and format of the examination. In this book, you will get three real full-length practice tests, with the help of which you can gain an idea of how the real exam looks like. You can purchase this book from the official website: http://www.actstudent.org/testprep/book.html

Cracking the ACT

Cracking the ACT by The Princeton Review is a fully comprehensive test prep guide that is very famous among students preparing for this examination. This  book is highly regarded for its comprehensive prep materials, reviews on all the sections and numerous test-taking strategies. You get an accompanying CD-ROM with the book. There are altogether three full-length practice tests of which two are in the prep book and one is available online. You can buy this book at: http://www.amazon.com/Cracking-2012-Edition-College-Preparation/dp/0375428291

McGraw Hill's ACT

McGraw Hill's ACT, 2012 Edition is yet another famous and best-selling book for ACT. Apart from providing all the necessary test-taking strategies and reviews, there are 8 full-length practice tests included for your benefit of which 4 are in the book, two are in the CD and two more are available online. For those who are keen on practicing more full-length tests, this is a very good choice. You can buy this book at this link: http://www.mhprofessional.com/product.php?isbn=0071763570