Average ACT Score

While it is clear that there is no minimum ACT scores for colleges, it is also clear that colleges do consider an average ACT score as one of the criteria for the admissions. Colleges use the average ACT scores for student admissions, advising, and placement. A score higher than the average ACT scores help you in getting admissions in college of your choice and also place you in a good course. Colleges compare your scores with the other student's average scores on ACT, national average ACT score and the average score of the college in the past. Colleges also consider average scores in ACT sections separately while placing the candidates in various levels of courses available as many colleges offer regular, developmental and advanced level of courses. Your sub scores display your weak and strong points in different subjects. A higher ACT score will help you in getting scholarships and grants from the colleges. If you have a score higher than the average ACT score then you can also apply for loans on this basis.

There is a list of the state wise average ACT score on the official web site. There is also national average score on ACT web site. So before applying for a college, you can check its cut off average ACT score. It gives you a better idea of the colleges which are more in demand. On the basis of average ACT scores over the years, ACT gives suggestions to the students about which subjects they should take in high school to get ready for the college. According to ACT, to score good marks in ACT, you should work on English, Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics. There are many web sites that publish the unofficial ACT average scores of various schools. Although it is not necessary that the average ACT score will definitely help you to get admission into that college as there are many other factors which play deciding role. But it still gives you a target score to achieve.

National Rank

National rank is another way of comparing your scores with the scores of other students. National rank means the percentage of students who have taken ACT and scored same or lower than you. These ranks are computed on the basis of average ACT marks of all the students who have taken the test. You are assigned ranks in the specific sections as well as a composite rank. Your sectional ranks give you an idea about your strength in the individual section and helps you in deciding your major subject in the college.

To secure your seat in the college of your choice and a good course, you should take care of two things. First is to find out the average ACT score of your college and prepare for the exam keeping in mind to score higher than that score. And the other is to try to score more than the national average and comparable to your high school grades as usually colleges use ACT scores to judge the validity of your high school marks. The information about the average ACT scores will help you to prepare better for the exam. So your focus should be on the preparation for the exam. Students who work hard and take their high school studies seriously always perform better in ACT.

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