Apply for ACT Test

Different Modes of Applying for ACT

Paper vs. Online Registration

If you wish to go to college in the USA, you might want to take the ACT, and the first thing, then, that you would like to know is how you should apply for ACT Test.

Basically, there are two modes by which you can apply for ACT test --- one is by completing a paper form, and the other is by going online and registering through the official ACT website.

Of course, the information you are required to supply in both these forms is identical.

You can ask your school counselor for an ACT registration packet, or you could pick up one of these from a library.

If you go online, you could download the form from the official website.

To apply online, though, you must be at least thirteen years old, and you must have a credit card as well.

It is more advantageous to apply for ACT test online than by mail.

Firstly, the online method is faster. On the other hand, there have allegedly been instances when mailed applications failed to reach ACT.

Secondly, you don't have to pay postage for online applications.

One of the questions that the ACT Registration Form asks you is to choose your preferred test center. When you apply online, you get to know at once whether your preferred test center is available. Obviously, this is not the case when you are applying through mail.

Another huge advantage when you apply for ACT test online is that all the information you fill in is saved and stored for possible future use. Perhaps you are taking the ACT the first time, and will want to take the test again. In fact, you can take the test up to twelve times, and there are people who have taken it multiple times in an effort to improve their scores. (Only the scores you want reported to a particular college will be sent there).

Now, when you re-take the ACT, you are required to again apply for ACT test, but because most of your information is already in their computer, you will be able to complete the registration process in a very short time.

Had you put in a paper application, you would have had to again provide the whole gamut of information that you had provided earlier. If you were to take the ACT ten times, you would have had to repeat the entire registration process again and again. That by itself might have turned out to be a disincentive.

The Online Registration Process

While registering online, you have to create your student web account by providing your first and last names, your date of birth, and your e-mail address. You have to fill in a user name and a password. You have to locate your high school code through a search tool, and then enter that code in your form.

There are separate options for you if you are homeschooled and possess a General Educational Development (GED) certificate.

You will be asked a set of questions about your high school experience, the courses you took, the size of your graduation class, and your extra-curricular activities.

You will be asked questions about your plans for your college years, what you plan to study, where you wish to stay, whether you intend to be a full-time or a part-time student, etc.

You will also be asked about the educational background of your parents, and your specific interests.

Then, after making your choice of a test center, you have to select four colleges that will receive your scores. You can add two more to the list if you are willing to pay $10.00 for each.

Finally, you will have to make your payment through your credit card.

Currently, the basic ACT registration fee is $34.00, while for ACT Plus Writing it is $49.50.

Other Categories

There is Arranged Testing for disabled people, for persons who, for religious reasons, are unable to take the test on Saturdays, and for those who reside inconveniently far away from a testing center.

When such potential candidates apply for ACT test, they need to fill in special request forms, as do standby candidates who have missed the late registration deadline.

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