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The Most Preferred ACT Tutoring Options

Tutoring is offered by many companies for students who want help for the preparation of the ACT test. Before we review a few of the ACT tutoring companies and options, let us understand how ACT tutoring adds value to a student's test preparation:

  • Professional ACT tutoring provides students with more resources to study from. Most companies provide books and references for the ACT test preparation.
  • ACT tutoring also increases the social circle of the candidate whereby he/she can interact with fellow ACT test takers and get improved insight into the test preparation methods. This also increases the sense of competition and gives impetus to prepare better as preparing alone can get boring and monotonous.
  • ACT tutoring companies provide, more often than not, official sample prep-test practice to its students; thus helping them replicate the test day in class. This helps them to handle the pressures associated with the test.
  • The teachers/tutors of good ACT tutoring companies are generally very well-qualified and they add credibility and value to the test preparation of the students.

A list of a few popular ACT tutoring companies:

1. Kaplan

Private ACT tutoring by Kaplan has the following features:

  • The average cost of an ACT private tutoring course by Kaplan ranges anywhere between US$1200-4500. The cost structure varies with the kind of course schedule and the level of expertise of the ACT tutor provided by the company. Students should visit their official website ( for a detailed overview of the costs of ACT tutoring options provided by Kaplan.
  • The ACT tutoring courses by Kaplan are personalised and customised to suit the level of difficulty and the requirements of every student taking the course.
  • The Kaplan test prep company claims to have expert tutors who have subject-matter expertise and experience in the various aspects of the ACT test.
  • Their ACT tutoring options allow students to make a convenient schedule for themselves after discussing the options with their tutors. A company like Kaplan, which is dedicated to test-prep, is famous for its student-centric approach towards tutoring for various competitive tests.
  • In certain cases, students are also allowed a trial of the ACT tutoring options before they go ahead with their course. If students do not like the course methodology then they can request for the return of their money.

2. StudyPoint:

StudyPoint is a quite well-known company for the dedicated preparation of the ACT and the SAT tests. Through StudyPoint's ACT tutoring, students are taken through the basics of the ACT test first, before taking the course further. Different courses by StudyPoint have different timelines and cost structures for which students can visit the link:

  • The following are a few other features of ACT tutoring by StudyPoint:
  • Their ACT tutoring options are designed to cater to even those students who are unaware of the details of the ACT test. The tutors start by introducing the test to the students and then go ahead with the other aspects of the course.
  • The private tutors with StudyPoint help students apply to colleges as well. The course does not only pertain to test prep but it also caters to the nuances that need attention after the test is over.
  • Though the company guarantees good scores to students taking their test-prep courses, but this guarantee is not without due dedication from the students as well. The course structure is focussed towards students' improvement and the tutors, being experts in their fields, do not let them waste time or resources in the ACT tutoring classes.

For more information on the ACT tutoring options by the company, students can visit its website which is

3. Princeton Review:

Private ACT tutoring by Princeton Review has the following features:

  • The course consists for more than 24 hours of instructions and discussions that students have with their tutors.
  • Students can choose to study in isolation with their tutors and discuss their doubts or, go through video lessons on the various aspects of the ACT test or take both the options.
  • ACT tutoring packages by the company are dedicated towards knowledge building and score enhancement and therefore; they expect the students to be highly focussed and dedicated.
  • The tutors of the company customise subject plans and schedules for students to bring out the best in them through their courses.

The Princeton Review test prep company is a very renowned company for a gamut of competitive tests and students can know more about its ACT tutoring options from the link:

Students can find ACT tutoring options through many online, local or, international companies. It is advisable therefore; to thoroughly research your options before you take the help of a tutor or course for your ACT test preparation.

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