Important Tips to Prepare for ACT

Invaluable Tips to Prepare for Act Exam

What are the strategies that can become the keys to success in ACT?

Like in many other respects, there is no magical formula that can ensure your success here. The trick lies in working hard, being organized and focused, and taking care of the many little and sometimes obvious things that we tend to overlook because, individually, they don't appear particularly important. But, collectively, they hold the key to how you perform.

There are numerous practice tests available, both in the official ACT Prep Guide and in other study guides. The first of the tips and strategies to ace the test then, would be to take as many of these mock tests as you can without making yourself go stale.

Other ACT Tips

After you have done a practice test or two and familiarized yourself with the pattern of questioning, it is a good idea to take the next practice tests in conditions that simulate conditions similar to the actual test itself.

For example, in the course of the practice test, don't use your cell phone or take five minutes off to watch TV or use music as a background.

As time plays a crucial factor in the test, make sure you don't exceed the time limit for each section.

Except in the case of the Math section, the questions ask you to pick the best answer. It is therefore essential for you to consider each answer carefully before you make your final choice.

As there is no negative marking in the examination, it makes sense to give an answer to each and every question. When you are not certain of your answer, eliminate the answers you know to be wrong, and make a calculated guess.

You are advised not to stop and spend too much time on questions you find difficult. It is better to answer the easier questions first and then return to the difficult questions.

Writing Test Tips

For those taking the Writing Test, two specific techniques should prove useful:

  1. It is not enough just to be grammatically correct. Try to vary the structure and length of your sentences as far as possible;
  2. Surmise the possible counter-arguments to your points of view, and address them accordingly in your essay.

In the event that you complete your test before time, make it a point to revise your answers.

Since habits take a while to acquire, it is psychologically sounder to form the right habits before you enter the examination center rather than strain to remember your examination strategies on the day of the actual test itself.

Things to Do Just Before the Test

Some points that you should consider and things you should do prior to the test include, getting to know how to get to the test center, and how much time it takes to get there. If necessary, you should visit the test center once or twice in advance, keeping in mind factors like the possible density of traffic on that particular route at the particular time that the examinations are supposed to be held.

It is advisable to leave room for the unexpected, and turn up at the examination center a little earlier than is strictly necessary.

Keep a checklist of the things you are required to carry to the examination center, and ensure that you have them all in order a day before the test. There should be no last-minute rush to hunt out your ID card or admission ticket or pencil or eraser. If you are planning to use a calculator, make sure it is of the right type, and check out the battery.

Rather than burning the midnight oil or chilling out at a late party on the night before the examination, it is infinitely more preferable to enjoy a good night's rest.

On the day of the test, wear comfortable clothes. If you dress in layers, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments should it turn too warm or cold at the examination center.

Also, take along convenient snacks and drinks with you with which you can re-energize yourself at break-time. A hungry stomach or a thirsty mouth impedes efficiency. See that the tips mentioned above are implemented, and be confident that you will come out with flying colors!