Facilities Provided at ACT Testing Locations for Disabled Candidates:

The ACT authorities do keep in mind that the disabled candidate must be provided with convenient ACT testing locations. Before asking for the ACT testing locations, the disabled candidate will have to submit all the required documents so that their request for the ACT testing locations could be processed.

In a few ACT testing locations the disabled candidates will be provided with accommodation, which will include a special room which will be accessible to a wheelchair so that it becomes convenient for the wheelchair user to appear for the test. If the disabled candidates want to apply for ACT testing locations with special facilities, then they will have to register for such a location beforehand.

In a few cases, the ACT testing locations might allow the disabled candidates some extra time to complete the test which includes the breaks in it. The ACT testing locations will provide the disabled candidates with extra time only when they'll get all the required documents submitted and will be granted permission. Thus the ACT testing locations provide a wide range of services to the disabled candidates who have enrolled for the test.

In the ACT testing locations the diabetic candidates will be permitted to eat snacks. The ACT testing locations will provide a candidate who is suffering from hearing impaired ness with an interpreter to convert the instructions that will be spoken out into sign language.

Documents that Should be Deposited at the ACT Testing Location.

In the registration form for applying for a particular ACT testing location they will have to fill up their name, phone number, postal address, the date of the test including the month and the year along with the test option i.e. whether they want to appear for ACT alone or also for ACT plus writing. They will have to explain their disability with complete details and mention the type of accommodation that they want to apply for at the ACT testing location so that the arrangements could be made at the proper time.

The documents which they will have to present at the ACT testing location should include the documents issued from their school stating the type of accommodation that was allotted to them at school so that similar arrangements could be made at the ACT testing location. The request for the special accommodation must be mailed to the authorities before the deadline so that arrangements could be made at the ACT testing location at the proper time.

It is best to inform the authorities well in advance as the ACT testing location wont provide the candidates with accommodation on the spot.

All the ACT test locations must be well equipped with all the facilities to be offered to the students and you must also make it a point to follow the rules and regulations specified in the ACT testing locations so that the test goes off smoothly.

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