ACT Testing Dates:

After obtaining complete information about the ACT testing the next step is to have knowledge about ACT testing dates. If you wish to take up the ACT testing dates then you will have to pay $ 30 as ACT testing registration fee.
The documents that you should carry along with you on ACT testing dates should include a photo ID, calculator for the math section and adequate stationery.
You should book your ACT testing dates well in time so as to avoid last minute rush. The advantage of booking ACT testing dates well in advance is that you will be able to get the desired ACT testing dates in the desired ACT testing centers. You should choose such ACT testing dates which suit you and fall on such days on which you can spare time from your schedule for the test.
The ACT test is generally conducted in the months of February, April, June, September, October and December , so you should choose the month which suits you the best and book your ACT testing dates accordingly. Before booking the ACT testing dates you must undertake at least two, three practice tests so that you get complete knowledge about the ACT testing format and hence gain confidence.
Likewise, you must attend some ACT testing preparation program so that you get an opportunity to prepare well and also clear up your doubts side by side. A few ACT testing dates that are available in 2008 are February 9, April 12 and June 14.

ACT College Testing Information:

The ACT college testing consists of four sections English, mathematics, reading, science and writing assessment test. The ACT college testing English section is made up of 75 questions to be completed in 45 minutes. The main aim behind conducting ACT college testing for English section is to check your knowledge of the punctuation, grammar, sentence formation, organization and strategies etc.
The ACT college testing mathematic section consists of 60 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. The main motive behind conducting the ACT college testing mathematic test is to evaluate the mathematical skills that you have picked up while studying in school. During the final ACT college testing, you will be permitted to use the calculator. 24 questions will be based on intermediate algebra or coordinate geometry and 18 questions are based on geometry or trigonometry.
The ACT college testing reading section aims at testing your reading comprehension and is made up of 40 questions to be completed in 35 minutes. Out of the 40 questions, 20 are based on social studies or science reading skills and the remaining 20 questions are based on arts or literature reading skills.
The ACT college testing science section has 40 questions to be completed in 35 minutes. This ACT college testing section measures the interpretation, evaluation and your problem solving skills that are required in the natural science section. You will not be allowed to use the calculator. The ACT college testing writing assessment section is made up of an essay which has to be completed in 30 minutes.

Things to be Kept in Mind Before Planning ACT Testing Schedule:

There are a few things that should be kept in mind before planning ACT testing schedule. Before you plan your ACT testing schedule for study, you should try to have an overview of the test subjects and plan your ACT testing schedule accordingly. In your ACT testing schedule for studying devote more time to those topics in which you are weak or need more time to prepare.
Besides this, your ACT testing schedule for preparation should be flexible and should suit you. It is always better if you plan your ACT testing schedule for preparation under the expert guidance of an instructor so that you are able to divide your time properly and effectively.
While planning your ACT testing schedule don't forget to keep your photo ID in your bag along with other documents as it will be needed at the test center for the verification purposes. Plan your ACT testing schedule for the final day is such a manner that you are able to reach the ACT testing center at least one hour prior to the schedule time.
ACT testing system is one such way which helps the college admission authorities to decide which candidate to choose and for which particular course.

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