ACT Test Tutoring Services

Private Tutors for ACT Prep

Candidates preparing for the ACT often feel that they would fare better if they could get personalized or customized guidance. If you feel that your preparation for the examination is incomplete or you cannot overcome your weaknesses on your own then you should seek the help of a tutor. Specialized tutoring services are carried out by a number of institutes. Sometimes these institutes hold different types of preparatory courses and one amongst them is one-on-one sessions with an instructor in their employment and you can enroll in one such course.

There are some other institutes that only provide tutors who can either come over to your house to teach you or you can book live online sessions with them. You can choose the type of session according to your requirements. However, a good tutoring course should have certain essential features, which are discussed in the following section.

Features of ACT Tutoring Courses

You should put in a lot of thought before opting to take the help of a tutor because tutoring sessions are usually more expensive than any other normal course. Moreover, depending on your requirements you should decide whether you wish to pay by-the-hour or buy a tutoring package. But before you enroll in any session ensure that it has the following features:

  • The course should be customized according to your requirements. In other words, your tutor should design the course depending on your weaknesses. Your tutor should help you identify your weaknesses and then teach you strategies to overcome them.

  • If you enroll in a tutoring course offered by an institute then ensure that the tutor it assigns you is highly skilled and well experienced.

  • Your tutor should take personal interest in your progress and closely monitor your performance.

  • Your tutor should make you take a number of practice tests or mock ACTs so that you are confident on the day of the examination.

The afore-mentioned list outlines the basic features of a tutoring session. In order to enable you to select a course from the myriad of courses available on the market, features of some better known courses are discussed in the section below.

Some ACT Tutoring Courses

Do not think that only weak candidates take the help of tutors. One-on-one sessions with experienced tutors are also taken by academically sound ones, who wish to get more practice. However, the type of session that you need will depend on your requirements. Tutoring services offered by some of the institutes that you can consider are given below.

  • : The one-on-one sessions by Princeton Review tutors are sought after, because the tutors in Princeton Review's employment are highly skilled and experienced. Moreover, the schedule to be followed will be designed depending on your lifestyle. The tutoring services  provided by the tutor Princeton Review assigns you, will also be designed according to your weaknesses. You can also choose your tutor depending on how many years of experience you want your tutor to have. So if you want a complete session with a holistic approach towards your ACT preparation then you should check out the Princeton Review website.

  • : This institute, too, holds various preparatory courses, along with providing one-on-one tutoring courses, exclusively designed for this examination. Hence, the tutors in the employment of Testmasters are also highly skilled and experienced as well. If you enroll in a one-on-one course with this institute then you will have complete freedom of choosing the location and time of your tutoring sessions. Moreover, your tutor will help you make your  study plan, according to which you can prepare for the examination. Hence, if you need tutors who take personal interest in the student's progress then you can check out Testmasters website.

  • : Unlike the two previously mentioned institutes, Revolution Prep provides only 2 types of preparatory courses for this examination. You can either opt for one-on-one sessions with a tutor of Revolution prep or enroll in one of its group courses. It employs highly trained and experienced tutors. You can either choose from live one-on-one sessions or an online session with a tutor. So if you want flexibility regarding class location and time, then you can check out this website.

Preparatory courses that have been designed exclusively for this test, sometime do not provide all the help that you need. In such a scenario, you can also take the help of an experienced tutor who will promptly identify the problem areas and help you solve them. A good tutor always boosts the morale of the student so that he or she can feel more confident about the examination. Thus, take the help of a tutor if you feel the need and prepare well for the examination. Hard work and preparation are the two most important elements that will help you fare well in the test.