ACT test tips

ACT is an important test which is required to get admission in colleges in US, US territories and Canada. Colleges use ACT test scores in deciding about the admissions along with student's high school grades and extra activities. They take test scores and high school performance into consideration while taking a decision about scholarships. You need to get good test scores to get admission in your choice of course in college of your choice. ACT tests judges your knowledge in those subjects and topics which you have learned in your high school over a number of years. So it is about something which you are in touch with. ACT is not only a test but it also helps you in planning for your career. As ACT is so important for your future, you have to prepare well in advance for the test. There are a number of students who are taking ACT and competing with you, so apart from studying for the ACT, you need good ACT test tips to get through the test and to get good scores in the test. There are many methods of preparation for the ACT like preparation books, online preparation classes, preparation soft wares. All of these preparation materials give you preparation tips and many helpful free ACT test tips to take the exam. These ACT test tips give you confidence for the test.

The most important ACT test tip is that before preparing for such a vital test, you should get familiar with the test format of the exam.

Format of ACT

ACT is a test with multiple choice questions. ACT consists of four sections plus writing test which is optional. Four sections are - English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.
English section is basically a test of grammar like punctuation, speech, sentence formation and words. It consists of five passages followed by questions. English section consists of 75 questions which you have to finish in 45 minutes.
Mathematics section is about the basic mathematics which you have learnt in the high school like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, graphs and word problems etc. Here you have to solve 60 questions in 60 minutes. This section will need a lot of ACT test tips.
Reading section consists of passages for reading comprehension from different subjects like social sciences, natural sciences or general topics. This section has 40 questions which have to be completed in 35 minutes.
Science section consists of seven passages followed by questions. In these passages, you have to interpret, analyze the information given in the form of diagrams, graphs, charts or research reports to answer these questions. In this section you get to solve 40 questions in 35 minutes.

ACT test tips

Once you are clear about the test format, it is easy to start preparations. First and the most important ACT test tip to start your preparations, is that you should plan your ACT preparations well in advance. All the sections of ACT are from very different areas. So you have to spend a lot of time in preparation of each of these sections. You can start your preparations on your own or choose one of the preparation courses (classroom as well as online) available to help you by providing various preparation techniques and free ACT test tips. Actually it is advisable to go for some preparation course as these courses brush up your basic skills and knowledge and also give you various test tips to take the exam. The ACT test tips provided by these courses help you to keep track of the time while taking the test. As time is a constraint in ACT exam, you should learn to apply these free ACT test tips on increasing your speed while solving the problems. These preparation courses give you free ACT test tips to improve your weak points and score high marks. You should learn test tips to solve the problems in the shortest time possible by applying different formulas. This will save your time.
Another very good ACT test tip apart from preparation is practice. Practice helps you in building up your speed and in getting accurate answers. There are a number of web sites which provide you free online practice tests and also provide free test taking tips like elimination process, shortcut methods of calculations etc. You will get many free test taking tips on the official web site of ACT as well.

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