ACT Test Taking Tips and Tricks

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Routine day to day work that you do like cooking, shopping, cleaning or studying for that matter have some tips and tricks associated with them. These simple strategies help the work to be completed in an easy and perfect manner.

While preparing for the ACT if you follow certain strategies, it will surely help in getting a good score. Some tips instruct you on how to prepare for the test, how to learn the different sections, what strategies can be used for learning a topic in a better manner etc. There are some other aspects on how to take the examination. They provide information on how you should dress for the day, what all things you should carry on the test day, how to remain calm while attempting the test etc.

ACT Test Tips and Tricks

  • Start your preparation early; don't wait till the last minute.

  • Make use of flash cards, mnemonics etc for memorizing things.

  • Attempt several practice tests; this makes you familiar with the examination and also helps you develop strategies, to take the test efficiently.

  • Don't study on the day before the test, take rest instead. Sleep peacefully on the night before; it will keep you fresh for taking the test.

  • Keep the admission ticket, personal identification and other stationery ready on the previous day itself.

  • Visit your test center once, before taking the test, so that you are familiar with the place.

  • Have a healthy breakfast, don't skip your breakfast. If you are hungry you won't be able to concentrate.

  • Dress comfortably according to the climate.

  • Arrange for the transportation (if required) on the previous day itself, to avoid last minute worries.

  • Enquire from the test center whether you are permitted to bring a calculator, snacks and drinks on the test day.

  • Arrive early for taking the test with the necessary materials.

  • Read the instructions carefully.

  • Read each question carefully to understand the requirement.

  • Start with the easy questions; this will give time to think for the harder ones.

  • Attempt all the questions, do guess work if you are not sure (as ACT does not include negative marking).

  • Use the elimination method for finding out the correct answer, in case of confusion.

  • Don't waste time on a single question.

  • Keep track of your time.

  • Do your work neatly.

  • If you are attempting the ACT Plus Writing, then you have to write an essay on the given topic. Support your essay with appropriate examples.

  • Be thorough with your grammar, spellings, punctuation, formulas etc.

  • While marking the answers, recheck to see if you are marking the correct oval.

  • As the answer script is checked by a machine, make sure that there are no stray marks on the answer sheet.

  • Stick with your first guess, because most of the time, the first guess is always the right answer.

  • While changing an answer, make sure to erase the earlier mark completely.

  • When you are done with your test, recheck your answers; see if you have missed something or if you have marked something wrong.

  • Be sure that you have marked only one answer for a question.

  • Try to remain calm while taking the examination. If you get excited then chances are that you will not be able to concentrate properly.

Links to ACT Test Tips, Strategies and Tricks

  • The official website provides several test taking tips, which can be viewed by visiting the following link:

Some of the unofficial websites providing similar strategies are as follows:

You need to seriously follow some test taking techniques, if you really want to get a good score in the examination. Approach the test with a positive attitude and attempt it with confidence, it will surely lead to a positive result.