ACT Test Taking Strategy

Where Can You Find Tips for ACT?

ACT is a national, curriculum-based examination that allows the test takers to secure admission in colleges. By taking this test, the prospective college students demonstrate the proficiency and academic eagerness that is required for pursuing college education. The scores of ACT help the college authorities to decide on the admission and the course placement of the test takers.

The ACT contains the following five sections:

  • English: The students have to answer 75 multiple-choice questions within 45 minutes in this section. It measures the rhetorical and Standard English Writing abilities of the test takers.

  • Mathematics: In this section, the students have to answer 60 questions within 60 minutes; it measures the high school mathematical skills of the students.

  • Reading: The students have to answer 40 questions on reading passages within 35 minutes in this section.

  • Science: In this section, there are 40 questions to be answered within 35 minutes. The questions are related to skills required for answering questions on natural sciences.

  • Writing Test (Optional): This section is an optional one and it is to be answered or attempted by test takers according to the requirements of the colleges in which they intend to apply. In this section, the test takers have to respond to one writing prompt within 30 minutes.

Tips for ACT: Where to Find Them?

The ACT test taking strategy can help the test takers to approach the examination with more conviction and confidence and can allow them to score well in ACT. The test takers can gather information about the ACT test taking strategy from the following sources:

  • The authorized source for acquiring information on the ACT test taking strategy is the website of ACT. The students can log on to for gathering information on the general tips for taking ACT. The students can also get help on the strategies for tackling the individual sections of the test from

  • As far as the ACT test taking strategy is concerned, the test takers should try to get valuable insight about ACT from the previous year's test takers.

  • Most of the renowned prep courses offer strategies for taking ACT along with the prep materials and practice tests.

  • Taking practice tests will allow the test takers to design their own strategies based on their weak and strong points.

Tips and Strategies for Taking ACT

The tips and strategies for taking ACT are significant as they allow the students to implement their skills and knowledge on the final day of the test. With the help of the ACT test taking strategy, a test taker can stand out from the crowd of his/her counterparts when it comes to getting good scores. Let us consider the tips and strategies that should be considered by the ACT test takers:

  • The test takers should read all questions carefully for answering them in an appropriate and effective manner. The test takers should gauge their strengths and weaknesses before attempting the ACT test; it is better to complete answering that section first about which a test taker feels more confident.

  • Time management is one of the most important ACT test taking strategy that should be considered by the test takers. Although they should understand each question for writing the correct answers, they cannot afford to lose time or devote more time to any of the test sections.

  • Although, there are no deductions for wrong answers in ACT, the scores will depend on the number of correct answers. Therefore, the test takers should feel confident about attempting more number of questions.

  • The test takers should mark their answers with a pencil, and the answering sheet must be clean and free of unnecessary marks.

  • The ACT test should be attempted in such a manner so as to enable the test takers to have some time for reviewing their answer sheets towards the end. This is applicable to all test takers including those who are taking the Optional Writing Test also.

  • The test takers should not undertake any preparation on the day before the test. Instead they should take appropriate rest so that the test can be taken with a fresh mind.


The ACT test taking strategy allows a test taker to answer the questions with more perfection and accuracy and to move a step closer towards the fulfillment of their academic goals.

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