Reviews for ACT Test Study Guides

Benefits of Preparing From ACT Books

There are a number of ways by which you can prepare for the ACT. However, irrespective of the preparatory method that you choose, you will have to study ACT guide books. These books provide information regarding how to take the examination. They also provide information about the registration deadlines and the registration process.

Study guides for the test are available separately for each subject and are also available as a single guide book covering all topics in the examination. Guide books are available for English, Mathematics, Reading, Science sections and also for the Writing section. These books provide detailed explanations of all the topics covered in the test. Each topic is explained using sample questions along with practice tests which can be used for testing the progress of your learning. All study guides include the answers for the questions in the book along with their explanations. While buying these preparatory books, look for the above mentioned features, since most of the good books are designed accordingly, whereas some are also available without these features.

Benefits of Preparing From Good ACT Books

  • Study guides from reputed publishers act as reliable sources for preparation.

  • These preparatory books can be used for understanding the topics included in the test in a very comprehensive manner.

  • The guide books use different methods, like explanation using diagrams and flash cards, highlighting an important point etc. These methods help in connecting with the topics visually, which consequently help in memorizing difficult topics.

  • Each topic is followed by sample questions which help in a better understanding of the topic.

  • The practice tests included make you familiar with the real test. When these practice tests are attempted in an environment similar to the actual examination, you become aware about the time you need to spend on each section of the test.

Review of 4 Books for ACT

  • The Real ACT Prep Guide - It is a study guide published by the organizers of the examination themselves. It is accompanied by a CD which provides information regarding how to select colleges for higher education. It provides information regarding the format of the examination and also about how to register for the test. It also includes different test taking strategies and tips. Each section of the examination is explained with the help of an overall review. This study guide contains 5 full-length practice tests.

  • McGraw-Hill's ACT by Steven Dulan- This book contains 5 full-length practice tests. It also provides strategies and guidance from the experts. Different sections of the ACT are explained using more than 200 practice questions.

  • Barron's ACT by George Ehrenhaft, Robert L. Lehman, Fred Obrecht, Allan Mundsack- This study guide contains a diagnostic exam which can be used before starting your preparation, to know your strengths and weaknesses .This book contains 3 full-length practice tests and also model tests, which can be used for checking the pace of your learning. It also includes strategies, techniques and tips for attempting the test. This guide book includes answers for the practice questions, in the book along with their explanations.

  • Cracking the ACT, 2012 Edition by The Princeton Review- This study guide includes 3 full-length practice tests along with their answers and explanations. Out of the three practice tests, two are available with the book and the remaining one is available online. All the topics in the examination are explained in a detailed manner and are followed by several practice questions.

When you have decided upon taking the ACT, buy study guides which will help you gain a better understanding of the different topics covered in the test. You can buy the preparatory books through the internet, from a book store or can even hire them from a library. Good guide books provide strategies, techniques and tips for taking the test efficiently. If you follow these tips seriously you can take the test with confidence and achieve a good ACT score.