Strategies for Taking the ACT

Tips and Strategies for ACT Test Prep

ACT is a standardized national college admission test that assesses what you have learned in your high school courses in the subject areas: Mathematics, English, Science and Reading. Although, the test syllabus is based on your high-school curriculum, it is essential that you prepare well for the test to get a good sore in order to increase your college admission opportunities. This article provides some strategies and tips for making effective test preparation.

Before starting your test preparation, it is better to know some tips and strategies so that you make a well planned preparation that becomes very effective and useful for enhancing your skills required for taking the ACT test. A few strategies and tips are given below:

1. Know about the ACT Test Details

The most important of strategies and tips that you must give importance is to have complete knowledge of the test sections, formats and question patterns and question types of the ACT test. You can easily know this if you visit the official website of the ACT:

2. Decide the Mode of Study

When preparing for the test, you can either use the self-study option or join an on-site course, whichever is suitable for you. You can make the choice based on your preference, preparation time availability and your budget.

3. Make use of the Right ACT Study Materials

If you are getting the help of an on-site or online ACT preparatory course, you need not search for study materials since the course will provide the right materials for you. However, if you want to prepare for the ACT on your own, you must definitely spend some time in choosing the right test preparatory materials. The following strategies and tips will help you in choosing preparation materials:

  • You can use ACT books/guides, e-books, CDs or video training materials whichever is convenient for you.
  • Choose a preparation material that is well organized and easy to follow.
  • Choose an ACT preparatory material that covers all sections or a particular section of the test based on your need.
  • Consider the book The Real ACT Prep Guide and other preparation materials available at the official website for effective test preparation. Also, consider one of the unofficial ACT books of McGraw-Hill, Kaplan, Barron and Princeton Review for making more effective test preparation, if needed.

4. Plan a Suitable Study Schedule

Once you are ready with the right ACT preparation materials, it is time to start the test preparation by planning a proper study schedule. Ensure that you make the plan such that you allot enough time for reviewing all the sections of the test, time for improving your knowledge in the section in which you are weak, and time for taking many practice tests. Also, try to plan the study schedule in such a way to complete your test preparation at least one week before the test in order to give time for revising the lessons.

5. Take Many ACT Practice Tests

You must practice many sample tests in order to prepare more effectively for the test. The free practice test questions available at the official website ( will be highly useful for you as it is of the same pattern as that of the actual test. Try to practice the ACT test papers of the previous years. You can search over the Internet for the previous years'  question papers and practice tests.

6. Guidelines for Taking the ACT Test

When you have prepared well for the test, you must definitely know a few techniques for taking the test effectively. Read the tips and strategies given at the official website of ACT:

As you prepare for the test, some tips and strategies can definitely help in improving your test scores. The strategies and tips given in this article will help you prepare well for the test.