Preparing for the ACT with Software

Software to Make ACT Prep Easy

Like for any standardized test, many preparatory options are available for ACT. Most students want to use the latest technology for their preparation. Many software are available in the market for this use. Practice tests, tutoring lessons and exam taking tips and strategies are included in the test software. Many students take up the ACT and the SAT. Most of these software offer preparatory materials for SAT, ACT and PSAT. You can buy one and use it for the preparation of other tests as well.

Advantages of Software

  • Less expensive compared to other preparatory courses
  • Can be used for preparation anytime and any number of times
  • Covers all the topics and offers everything an online course offers

Choosing a Good Software

Before you buy software make sure that it satisfies a few conditions

  • The software should be able to guide you about the ACT test
  • It should cover all the topics and sections of the test
  • It should offer many practice tests
  • It should give answers and explanations for the questions
  • It should offer exam taking tips and strategies

ACT Test Software

Here, we shall discuss a few of the good test software for ACT.

Academic Fitness SAT PSAT & ACT Bootcamp-Foqware publishing

This software works on windows Vista/2000/XP. It is a comprehensive learning tool. It covers all the sections of the test. A multi-sensory teaching method is used to make the students understand the concepts. It also has interactive tutorials which simulate classroom learning experience. 30-40 hours are required to complete the full coursework. Though the software offers very good scoring and skill analysis tools for the practice tests, there is only 1 practice test for ACT. There are quizzes at the end of each section with 10 questions. It is immediately reviewed. It can be ordered from

SAT/ACT/PSAT 2012 Platinum-Topics Entertainment and Headroom Learning

This is a good and comprehensive software package. The best feature about this software is that it has 5 practice tests for ACT. All the tests are timed. The multimedia interface, subject tutorials and flashcards are exceptionally good and very effective. The review of a test you take is given immediately with the scores and the right and wrong answers. Answer explanations are also given.

Kaplan Higher Score SAT, ACT & PSAT Deluxe 2003 - Encore

This software is also a comprehensive preparatory software. Full-length tests are available. Guide to good colleges and college admission is also given in this software. Good instruction tools are an added advantage in using this software. It works on Windows 98/Me/95 platform. Though this is a little old, it is very useful for those who do not have Windows XP.

SAT/ACR PowerPrep Premium-eKnowledge LLC

This software is expensive compared to the other software but is a very effective and useful software. The duration of this material is around 40 hours. There are 120 video workshops and 18 quizzes. The multimedia content in this software is incomparable to the content of any book. The only drawback is that it does not give the analysis of your scores. There are no full-length practice tests but tests are available between lessons. There are around 20 quizzes for the ACT. There are 4 practice essays for the Writing section. This is unique for this software. Advice on how to write a good essay and develop your views is also outlined.

Kaplan SAT, ACT & PSAT Gold Edition-Topics Entertainment

This is a software with no frills attached, that is fully focused on preparation for the tests. There are total 3000+ questions in this software. A verbal guide is an advantage while using this software. This does not contain additional information about college admission and fee structure.