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ACT test is a standardized exam which tests your academic readiness for college using high school curriculum-based questions. Like the SAT, the ACT test is also used for getting college admissions in the U.S. The ACT test includes 4 sub-tests in the areas of Science, Mathematics, English and Reading, and an optional Writing test. To apply for this test, you can register through the online option or mail. This article helps you to know about the various ACT test sign up methods.

The ACT Sign up Process

Online Registration Option

Registration for the ACT test through the online option is the quickest method. This is because, only through the online registration method, you will be able to check whether the test center of your choice is available or not. Moreover, this method provides the advantage of getting your test admission ticket instantly as soon as your registration is confirmed. The ACT test sign up process for the online method is as follows:

  1. The first step that you must take to register for the ACT test is to create your ACT Web Account. You can easily create one by visiting the website:

  2. After creating the ACT Web Account, click the "Register to Test" link. Choose the test center and test date amongst those available in the given list, and carefully fill the online application.

  3. Make the payment through a valid credit card, state voucher or ACT fee waiver, whichever is applicable.

  4. Once the registration is complete and confirmed, you will receive the ACT admission ticket. It is recommended that you get a printed copy of this ticket.

Mail Registration Option

Registration for the ACT test through the mail option is applicable only if your age is less than 13 or if you cannot pay the test fee through credit card/voucher/waiver. The ACT test sign up process that must be followed for the mail registration option is given below:

  1. Go to the official website of the ACT: and request for the 'Register-by-Mail Packet' which includes the ACT application form. The 'Register-by-Mail Packet' will be delivered to you in 7 to 10 working days.

  2. Completely fill the application form by following the instructions specified in the 'Register-by-Mail Packet'. When filling the application form, refer to the official website of ACT ( for the code listings of the ACT test centers and colleges. This is important as code listings are not included in the packets.

  3. Mail the application form along with the other required documentations to the ACT address specified in the form.

How to Decide the ACT Test Sign up Method?

Whether you have to sign up for the ACT test online or through mail depends on your age and the country where you reside, as well as your request for extended time, accommodation, standby testing or arranged testing. You must decide the ACT test sign up method based on the following two factors:

  • The place where you take the test
  • How you plan to take the test?

The ACT sign up method recommended for different conditions are as follows:

For Test-takers in the U.S or Canada

If you are taking the test in the U.S or Canada, you can make the ACT test sign up through online or mail. You can apply through mail only if you are younger than 13 years or if you are unable to pay the test fee through the payment options allowed for online registration.

For Test-takers in the Locations Outside the U.S or Canada

If you are taking the ACT test in any of the locations other than the U.S, Puerto Rico, the U.S territories or Canada, you must register only through the online option.

When requesting for Extended Time or Other Accommodations

If you plan to request for extended time or other accommodations, you can register for the test online or through mail.

When requesting for Standby Testing

You can request for standby ACT testing, if you have not registered for the ACT test before the deadline date. In order to do so, you must send the completely filled Standby Request Form available at the website: online or through mail.

When requesting for Arranged Testing

You can apply for Arranged ACT testing if:

  • A test center is not available within 50 miles of your residing place in the U.S, Canada or other countries.
  • You prefer a Non-Saturday test center within 50 miles of the place where you live.

In order to request for the Arranged testing, you must send the request form that can be downloaded from the website:, to the address mentioned in the form.

This article should definitely furnish you with enough details regarding the ACT registration. To know further details regarding the ACT test sign up methods, you can visit the official website of the ACT:

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