ACT Test Scores Online

How to See ACT Test Scores Online?

After taking an exam, all students are much tensed about the scores. ACT test scores online are available through the Student Web Account of The ACT. ACT test scores online are made available after around 2 weeks of the test date. The scores are not given by phone or email or fax.
The scores are released in batches usually on every Wednesday and Friday. The ACT test scores online are released over a period of around 6 weeks. You can start checking your scores from the first day. If your scores are not available then, recheck for your scores every week. The delay may be due to many reasons.

The scores for the Writing section of the ACT are made available after around 2 weeks of your multiple-choice questions score. The Writing section scoring methodology is different from the multiple-choice questions scoring methodology. That is the reason they are released at a later date. The scores are reported officially only after the Writing section scores are released.

Delay in Scores

Sometimes the ACT test scores online availability is delayed. This may be due to,

  • Late arrival of the answer sheets from the test center,
  • Information given on the answer sheets and that given during registration do not match,
  • Information given on the answer sheets is not complete,
  • Registration fee dues or
  • You tested as a standby candidate

Once these discrepancies are solved, the scores will be released.

Score Report

Though you can view your ACT test scores online at an earlier date, the score reports are sent to you within 3-8 weeks of the test date. If you have taken up the Writing section, the report will be mailed after the Writing section scores are ready. This is usually around 5-8 weeks after the test date. Scores will be automatically sent to 4 colleges or universities you have listed in the application form. If you want to check your scores before sending it to colleges, do not list the colleges or universities in the application form. After you view your results you can select the colleges or universities you want your score report be sent to.

Scoring of the ACT Test

A raw score is given for all the 4 sections of the ACT test. 1 point is given for each of the correct answers. Mark is not deducted for wrong answers. The raw score is then converted to a scaled score. The scaled score ranges from 1 to 36 for all the multiple-choice questions sections of the ACT test. In the score report a composite score is given. This is the average of the scores of the 4 sections of the ACT.

For the Writing section, 2 readers read the essay and give scores between 1 and 6. The two scores are added and given as the Writing section score. A student is also given a combined English and Writing score. The English section is given 2/3rd weightage and the Writing section is given 1/3rd weightage in the combined score. This combined score or the Writing section score does not affect the composite score of the ACT test.

Sub-scores for the Math, English and Reading sections of the test are given. This is in the range of 1 to 18. There are no sub-scores for the Science section. The

sub-scores do not add up to the composite scores. 7 sub-scores are computed, 2 for English, 3 for Math and 2 for the Reading section.

You can get ACT test scores online for all tests that have been taken after October 2007. You can order and receive your test scores by mail, phone or online.

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