How Useful is the ACT Test Score:

Your ACT test score is very useful for both high schools and colleges. High schools take into consideration the ACT test score for academic advising purpose and also for the purpose of counseling. ACT test score is very useful as it allows the high school authorities to judge the students i.e. by referring to the ACT test score, the authorities can identify the students who are weak in certain academic areas and thus need special attention. So, by having a look at the ACT test score the authorities can also plan the modifications that they think will prove to be beneficial and the curriculum will also be improved upon so that the student gets good ACT test score.
Similarly, colleges make use of ACT test score in numerous manners. The ACT test score is useful for colleges and it helps the authorities to take the decision related with admission. Along with high school results, the ACT test scores help the college authorities to decide which application is most suited for the particular program.
Generally, the colleges offer a particular subject in three sections- developmental section, regular and advanced section. To decide which section is most suitable for which student, the college authorities take into consideration the students high school results, his academic background and his ACT test score. Thus, ACT test score helps in course placement so that the student can study the subject according to his level.
College authorities use ACT test score for the purpose of academic advising also. In order to plan out a study program, college academic advisors make use of ACT test score along with the high school grades.

ACT Scores Online:

You can order ACT scores online, but for that you will have to pay the additional charges. The ACT scores online can be viewed much in advance before you receive ACT test score by post. If desired the ACT scores online printout can be taken out and stored for future use. Once the ACT test score is posted online, the ACT scores online are made available for 60 to 90 days. Only that candidate can access the ACT scores online who has given ACT test from America. ACT scores online facility is not available for a candidate whose ACT test center is located outside America.
Your ACT scores online will not be displayed if the registration form is incomplete or if the fee has not been completely paid. Even if the ACT test answer sheets arrive late for checking and if there is any variance in the process of identification on the final ACT test day, then also you will not be able to view the ACT scores online.
To view ACT scores online, you will have to fill up an ACT scores online form. To fill up the ACT scores online form, you will need an internet explorer 6, Firefox 1.0 or Safari 1.2 or higher. While filling up the ACT scores online form, don't forget to disable the pop up blockers as they act as an obstruction. The details collected on ACT scores online form are used for viewing ACT scores online and not for any other reason.
In the ACT scores online form , you will have to give complete information related to your name i.e., first name, middle and last name and you will also have to mention your address , phone number along with codes.

What Errors can you Encounter in your SAT ACT Scores?

In a few cases SAT ACT scores contain errors in details related with you , your address , name or your SAT ,ACT identification number along with the social security number . If you come across such an error in your SAT ACT scores you can report the error to the authorities within a time period of three months from the date on which you receive your SAT ACT scores. Along with description of the error in your SAT ACT scores, you will have to attach a photocopy of the student report and mention the necessary changes that you want in the SAT ACT scores report form.
For getting the error in the SAT ACT scores report form corrected, you need not make any extra payment. You can mail your error details to:

ACT Records,
PO Box 451,
IA 52243-0451, USA.

The SAT ACT scores report form error may or may not require you to sit for a retest. In case, you have to sit for a retest , you will not have to pay any fee. If you want to opt for hand scoring service for SAT ACT scores error, then you will have to pay a fee of $30. You can be asked to be physically present when the hand scoring of the SAT ACT scores is being done, but for that you will be asked to pay an extra amount.
While the SAT ACT scores are different in many ways, but still a number of colleges readily accept either of the SAT ACT scores, but take the help of conversion tables for comparing the students. The most accurate comparisons of SAT ACT scores can be done for the math and reading sections. A few other differences between SAT ACT scores are where in SAT the scores of the essay is included but in the ACT it is optional. The next being that where in every SAT report all the SAT scores are shown , but in the ACT report it is up to you, as to which ACT scores you want to display.
The request for hand scoring of SAT ACT scores should be made within three months from the date on which you receive your SAT ACT scores.

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