ACT Test Schedule

ACT is a college entrance test. It is developed and conducted by an American company ACT, which was earlier known as American college testing. ACT is required by most colleges and universities in US, US territories and Canada as part of the process of admission. Your ACT scores is one of the requirement for colleges to measure your potential for college success. Colleges use ACT scores of a student along with academic background, and high school grades, while determining the strength of course to be assigned. ACT also helps international students for whom English is not a first language to prepare for study at colleges in English-speaking countries around the world. ACT is not only a test for college admission but it also provides information for career and educational planning. ACT helps students by providing services at very low cost. ACT scores also help students to apply for loans and scholarship.

ACT is not a general aptitude test neither it is a test of your memory or intelligence. It is a test of your knowledge you have gained in your high school. It measures your abilities to solve problems which you have learnt over the years of your formal education in school. ACT has four sections- English, Math, Reading and Science. There is also a writing test which is optional. English test takes 45 minutes, Math section is for 60 minutes, reading and science are for 35 minutes each. Each Section is scored on the scale of 1 to 36. Writing section is for 30 minutes and is scored on the scale of 2 -12. Total time for ACT (without writing) is almost 3 hrs.

ACT test schedule

ACT test is scheduled throughout the year on four to six dates. You can schedule your ACT test on any of these dates. These ACT test dates are usually in October, December, February, April, and June. Before scheduling for ACT test, you should check about the testing dates available in your nearby testing center. All the testing centers do not have same ACT testing schedule. Every testing center has different ACT testing schedule. Each and every country does not have a test center. So before scheduling for ACT, it is better if you check the availability of test center and test date country wise. ACT is scheduled normally on Saturdays but if somebody does not want to take the test on Saturday due to religious prohibition then he can request to schedule the ACT test on the following Sunday. Once you select your test center and testing date, you can register for ACT. If you are a resident of US or US territories, then you can register for ACT testing schedule online or through registration packets. But for international students, only online option for scheduling ACT test is available. While scheduling for the ACT, students with some disability can also request for testing accommodation or extra time during the exam. You have to provide this information and documentation, at the time of scheduling your test.

ACT testing schedule suits almost all the students as it is conducted throughout the school year. Many students take this exam more than twice to improve their scores. There is no restriction on the number of times you can take ACT but there are few limitations which you can check on the official web site. You have choice to send your best scores to colleges. Poor scores remain confidential. You should schedule for ACT in such a way that you get at least two months time in between to apply for the colleges because ACT result takes 3 to 7 weeks time from the test date.

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