ACT Test Schedule 2012

ACT Schedule to Keep in Mind

Preparing a routine that you will strictly adhere to is the first thing that you should do if you want to fare well in any examination. If you are planning on appearing for the ACT in 2012 then preparing an ACT test schedule 2012 will be your first step. But before you start working on a schedule, you must keep in mind things like the preparation time you have, last dates for registration, college admission deadlines etc.

Moreover, the ACT test schedule 2012 that you make should be practical enough for you to be able to follow it. You should allot time not only for studies but for relaxation as well. ACT is a very demanding and academically inclined examination. So you will have to study as well as practice hard if you wish to ace the test.

So to maintain your level of enthusiasm ensure that you have allotted some time in your schedule for relaxation or doing something that you enjoy. Thus, to enable you to make a feasible schedule for the ACT examinations to be held in the year 2012, some points that you should take into account while making it are discussed in the following section.

Points to Consider While Making Your ACT Schedule

Making a schedule can prove to be a daunting task. So, to make it simpler, jot it down on paper so that you remember all the things that you should incorporate in it and how you should design it. Some of the things that you should remember while making it are as follows:

  • Check your daily routine to find out how much time you can allocate to ACT preparation alone. This is the first element that you should consider while preparing your ACT test schedule 2012. Divide this time equally among studies and practice. You will need to revise and practice a lot since the ACT examination questions are designed to test your knowledge of high school English, Science and Mathematics.
  • You should register for the examination as early as possible. So find out the last day of registration and register quite some time before it. For example, if you are appearing for the examination on June 9th 2012, then you should complete your registration process ideally by May 4th 2012. However, you can register for the June 9th test from May 5th to May 18th, but for that you will have to pay a late fine. For more information regarding registration dates click on the following link: Similarly, if you want to take the September 8th 2012, ACT test, then you should complete your registration process some time before August 17th 2012. However, you can also register for the September test from 18th to 24th August but then again, you will have to pay a late fine.
  • The ACT test schedule 2012 that you make should also incorporate the admission deadlines of the colleges you wish to apply in. If you wish to join college from January then you should select a test date in early fall. This will give you sufficient time to receive your ACT score and for the respective colleges to receive them. This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind while selecting your ACT test date. Once you do that, you will know when to register for it and can hence understand how much time you have in order to prepare for the examination.

The afore-mentioned list outlines the points you should take into account when you make your personal ACT routine. However, there is a general ACT test schedule 2012 that you should know about and some points about it are discussed in the following section.

Official Schedule for the ACT Examination

When you are making your ACT test schedule you should make it with close reference to the official one. Certain points about the official test schedule for the year 2012 are mentioned below:

  • If you need the last dates for registration and test dates click on the link mentioned earlier. This is the most important element of the official ACT test schedule. If you are an international candidate then click on the following link:
  • Not all test centers hold all the ACT examinations. If you need more information about test location then click on the following link:
  • If you want to take the Writing test of ACT then you should choose your test date accordingly since all ACT examinations do not have the provision of the writing test.
  • If you need special facility (disability requirements) then you should register for ACT accordingly.

Once you have made your routine you must follow it thoroughly and start preparing for your examination. If you have enrolled in an ACT preparatory course then your instructors will help you make one. Otherwise you can follow these guidelines and make your own routine suiting your requirements.

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