ACT Test Results

ACT test results are required as a basis for admissions in colleges in US and US territories. Most of the colleges in 50 states of US consider ACT test results along with high school scores and other activities during admissions. ACT is not a general aptitude test. The exam is focused on testing skills in the subject areas like math, English, and Science. ACT test results are a measure your academic knowledge which you would have acquired over the years of formal education. The ACT is offered in a paper based format throughout the world on six different dates in a school year. These test dates fall on Saturdays. If somebody cannot take exam on Saturday due to religious prohibition, then the exam is scheduled on the following Sunday.

The capability of a candidate to do well in his college studies can be measured by his ACT test results. Hence, it is necessary to get high ACT scores so that you can get admission to a desired college. During the admission process, your class work, your GPA, research experience, ACT test score results everything is important. Apart from gathering the ACT exam information, you should also collect information about the format of the ACT test results.

ACT scores are separate for each of the four test sections, Math, English, Science and Reading. ACT is a multiple choice test with 215 questions. ACT test results for each of the test sections are scored on a scale from 1 to 36. English section is a test of Basic English grammar, sentence correction, punctuation, rhetorical skills and mechanics. It consists of 75 questions which you have to complete in 45 minutes. Math section tests skills like algebra, arithmetic, geometry and trigonometry. This section is of 60 minutes duration. No of questions are 60. Reading section is of 35 minutes in which you have to solve 40 questions. This section consists of 5 passages from which questions are asked. Science section consists of 7 passages which are graphs, diagrams or research based and data analysis has to be done before solving the answers. This section is also of 35 minutes where you have to solve 40 questions. In the Writing test, you will be given 30 minutes to write an essay which is scored on a scale of 2-16. All the sections are further divided into sub sections.

Computation of ACT test results

Scores for each of the four sections depend upon the number of questions that have been answered correctly. There is no negative marking for the incorrect answers. These scores are converted on a scale of 1-36 for all the four sections. Your composite score is arrived at by averaging the scores of the four sections. The scores for the sub sections are given on a scale of 1 to18, but the sub-scores are not added to your subject scores so the sub-scores do not have any play in your total score also.

Test Ranks

Your national ranks will be included in your ACT score report along with the ACT scores. It is very important to understand the relation between ACT results and ranks. Your national rank is a comparison of your ACT results with the other candidate's ACT results. ACT ranks tell you the percentages of high school graduates who appeared for ACT and received ACT test score result that are the same as or lower than your ACT test score result. For example, a national rank of 80 means that 80% of students received scores that are the same as or lower than your score. During the college admission process, the college admission committees will compare your ranks with those of the other candidates. The subject test ranks also give you an idea about your strength and weakness in a particular subject and it helps you to select your major subject in the college.

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