ACT Test Result

When are ACT Test Results Declared?

Appearing for ACT requires careful planning and preparation; this is a process that we all are aware of. Taking the ACT is followed by the declaration of the eagerly awaited ACT test result. The results of any test have got their own importance as they reflect how much preparation and hard work one has done. Similarly, ACT test result opens the door of opportunities for the candidates which can be in the form of better education offers by getting selected to different colleges.

When are ACT Test Results Declared?

The ACT test is conducted six times in a year and the ACT test result can be viewed online through your student web account within two and a half weeks of taking the test using the link: This ACT test result declaration date is common for both national as well as international test dates. If the ACT test result is not available for viewing on the allotted date, you should not lose heart. You need to keep checking it weekly, especially on Wednesday and Friday as on these days updates are made regarding ACT scores. The declaration schedule of ACT test result may change due to some reasons like, the answer scripts didn't reach in time, the test was rescheduled, irregularities in the test center on the test day etc. In case of any doubts regarding ACT test result you can visit the link

The ACT Test Result

ACT test contains two parts the Writing and No Writing part. If you have taken ACT plus Writing, then the ACT test result of the multiple choices section is declared first followed by the ACT test result of the Writing part. Usually there is a two weeks gap between the declarations of the two results. The complete score details in the form of a score report are available for viewing within 3-8 weeks of appearing for the test. This score report is made official only after the scores of all your test sections are available. After the scores are declared you can request a copy of the score report for your personal use or for sending it to the different institutions or for availing a scholarship. More information regarding scholarships can be viewed at the link:

The Score Report

  • The score report contains scores (in the range 1-36) that you received in the multiple choices based test sections: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.
  • It also displays the sub scores (in the range 1-18) based on the different skills based on which you were tested like Usage/ Mechanics and Rhetorical skills for English.
  • It also includes the composite scores (has a range 1-36) which is the average of the scores that you received in all the four test sections.
  • The scores of the ACT Writing part (in the range of 1-36) are also shown in the score report if you appeared for the same.
  • The score report allots a percentile rank to each candidate based on the performance of the other candidates who took the same ACT test. For e.g. if you get a percentile rank 70, it means that 70% of the candidates who took the test displayed a similar performance as that of yours or had a lower score. This can also be interpreted as: your performance was better than 70% of the candidates.


ACT test result can be viewed only by the candidate and the score reports are sent to other institutes only if the candidate has requested for the same.


If you are not satisfied after viewing your score report, you can request for a hand-scoring service, which rechecks your answer scripts. ACT test result can be cancelled by the ACT officials if they feel there was some irregularity involved and it is intimated to the candidate.

A candidate prepares and appears for the ACT for a purpose. The purpose gets fulfilled only when he gets the desired ACT test result which needs to be declared at the scheduled time. The ACT test result is declared after two and a half few weeks of taking the ACT, so make sure that you plan and take the ACT accordingly. This ensures that the ACT test result is available in time for your admission purpose.

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