Registering for ACT on the Internet

Steps Involved in ACT Registration Online

Online vs. Paper Registration

If you plan to attend a college and wish to take ACT, you must first register for the test. You can do this in two ways --- through online registration, or through a paper application available through your school counselor or at your local library.

The online registration takes, on average, about forty-five minutes.

The advantages of online registration are:

  1. It is the fastest way to register
  2. It is the easiest way to check seat availability
  3. You don't have to pay postage
  4. All the information you provide in your registration is saved. In case you want to take a re-test, as you well might to improve your prospects, there is very little additional information you will need to supply then. Were you to register on paper, you would have to fill in each and every detail again.

The information you need to provide for both forms of registration is, of course, the same. This includes personal information, answering queries on career assessment (this is aimed at helping students identify viable career options), and choosing a testing center as well as the colleges to which you want ACT to send your results.

You do not name these colleges, but mention their codes. These are readily available on the web.

The Online Registration Process

The  registration process through the internet involves opening a web account with ACT by providing your first and last names, your date of birth, and your e-mail address. Once you fill in your user name and password, you will have to select your state and city. When you do this, a list of testing centers will appear along with their codes. Now you will need to choose your testing center.

The scheduled dates of the test will also appear.

You will have to pay the test fees through your credit card.

ACT Fees

The basic registration fee without the Writing Test is $34. This incorporates all your reports, including those that will be sent to your high school and to four colleges of your choice. If you wish to add a fifth and sixth college to your list, you will have to pay an additional fee of $10.00 for each.

The fee for ACT plus Writing is $49.50, which means that the Writing Test fee is $15.50. This latter amount is refundable if you later choose to back out from the test, but you will have to convey your request before testing takes place.

Special Cases

For students with disabilities who have an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or a 504 Plan,  the online registration process does not apply for technical reasons, and the applications need to be made on paper.

Some emergency or unexpected development may prompt you to want to change your testing date or testing center after you have completed the process of registration. By using your web account, you can change your testing date and/or your testing center by making a payment of $21.00 for each or either through your credit card. It goes without saying that for ACT to honor your request regarding a change in testing center, the requisite space must be available at the new center.

Also, you will need to make the necessary changes in your registration before the end of the registration period.

A fee of $21.00 is charged for late registration, but if you miss out on that as well, you can apply for standby testing for a fee of $76 for the basic ACT, or $91.50 for ACT plus Writing.

There is no guaranteed slot for standby examinees, who are treated on a first-come first-served basis.

There is a system of limited fee waivers for the ACT for students from financially handicapped backgrounds. Such students are given a code that they need to enter at the online registration payment prompt.

The waiver pertains to the actual test itself, including the writing portion, and does not cover late registration fees or test preparatory documents or materials.