ACT Test Preparation

Step-by-step ACT Test Prep Guide

ACT is a standardized test that assesses test taker's abilities essential for undergoing an undergraduate program. It is administered worldwide and the ACT scores are accepted by many colleges and universities located in the USA. The ACT is equivalent to the SAT in terms of the score usages and they both are considered prominent based upon the region under consideration in the USA. Let us first know what ACT consists of before getting into the ACT test preparation details.

What Does the ACT Consist of?

The four sections of the ACT include: English, Mathematics, Reading and Science plus the Optional Writing test. In all, the ACT tests a variety of your skills. The English section of ACT tests your English language skills. The Mathematics section tests your abilities to solve problems based upon the concepts that you would have learned in high school. The Reading section tests reading comprehension skills and the Science section of ACT tests your ability to comprehend, analyze, reason and evaluate in order to answer the questions which are based upon the concepts of Natural Sciences. In the Optional Writing test, you must present an essay in response to the given prompt.

How to Prepare for ACT?

Now that you have a brief idea of what the ACT consists of, you need to have a clear understanding pertaining to the steps to be taken towards ACT test preparation. Primarily, your ACT test preparation must be characterized by planned and disciplined prep procedures. Unlike tests like the GRE or GMAT, the test questions of ACT are largely based upon the high school academic studies. This indirectly means that you should virtually start your ACT test preparation right from the day one of your junior grade in high school. Ideally, you must concentrate more during your junior and senior grades. It is advised that you maintain good scores in high school to keep up a good GPA. Almost all the ACT score accepting institutions will also take your GPA into consideration and hence it is very important that you also maintain a good GPA. Being strong on the academic front will indirectly make it easy for you during your ACT test preparation.

There are many institutions that provide ACT test preparation programs. You may join a good training institute in order to get trained from the exam point of view. Although the questions asked in ACT are based upon the high school academic concepts, they are quite differently structured. You should be trained well in order to take the test with confidence. Merely gaining conceptual knowledge wouldn't help. You should strategically solve the questions in order to score well in the ACT.

Step-by-step ACT Test Prep Guide

  • Before you start your ACT test preparation, assess yourself in order to know what you require so as to prepare well for the exam. Some students, although have good knowledge of the basic academic concepts, somehow fail to solve problems within the allotted time. Likewise, identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You should then enroll in a good ACT test preparation program if you feel the necessity or can draw an action plan if you wish to prepare on your own.
  • Preparing from good study books is really very important. You have to be very choosy while purchasing a prep book. Purchase a book that can help you gain skills useful for solving questions of the highest difficulty.
  • You have to learn different strategies and test taking tips in order to perform faster in the test. Concentrate on the classes at your training institute because you will be taught by expert tutors specialized in ACT testing.
  • Focus more on practicing since you will be gaining a lot of conceptual knowledge from your academic study and tutoring sessions. You have to concentrate more on solving the test sections within the allotted time frame.
  • Practice full-length tests in order to learn managing your time well through the test.
  • Thoroughly cover all the sections and be confident on the day of the exam.

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