Software That Helps in Studying for ACT

The Most Widely Used Software for ACT Prep

Introduction to Preparation Software

In the last few years technology has brought a vast change in the arena of education. The advent of internet and the development in the field of information technology has revolutionized the conventional methods of teaching and learning. If you visualize a student preparing for an exam, the first thing that will come to your mind is a stack of subject books, guide books, practice test papers and a list of important tips lying around him/her. Today this scenario has changed to a great extent; thanks to the various test preparation software applications. And ACT is no exception in this regard. The  preparation software for ACT is an application which comes in a compact disc form and consists of preparatory materials for the test. There are a number of companies which cater to this segment. Even ACT has online preparatory software known as ACT Online Prep.

Features of ACT Online Prep

The software package runs with internet access. It is a holistic software package covering important aspects of test preparation. It consists of the following sections.

1. Visitor Centre

This page gives an overview of the contents of ACT Online Prep. It also contains a section for frequently asked questions and has contact information for technical help.

2. Testing Centre

Testing center contains practice tests, diagnostic tests and practice writing tests. A student can access his/her scores from these practice tests.

3. Diagnostic Test-Study Path

Diagnostic test is a test prepared on the basis of the actual test. After taking this test, a student will receive a personalized study path emphasizing on his/her strong and weak areas.

4. Practice Tests

It contains 2 sets of practice tests. The questions are taken from the old ACT tests. A student can take these 2 tests to understand the type of questions that are asked in the actual test.

5. Writing Test Practice

It contains a practice test for the optional Writing test. After the student submits his/her essay, he/she will immediately get the scores.

6. Test Content Areas

This section contains a thorough review of the test contents of all the four subjects asked in the test viz. English, Reading, Mathematics and Science. It also contains sample questions and answering strategies for the four subjects of the test.

7. My ACTropolis

This is the last section of the software. It contains a summary of all the sections of the package and it also contains links to the study path and practice scores.

Thus, it can be seen that the software for preparation is quite exhaustive. The practice questions from the old ACT tests make this package popular among test takers.

Apart from ACT Online Prep, there are other preparation software packages available in the market for preparing for the test. Few of them are discussed here.

1. Max Score ACT Online Prep

This package claims to increase the user's score by at least 3 points otherwise the order will be refunded. This package checks the user's improvement after every ACT practice question and provides him with the guidance to improve on the weak areas. This package concentrates on the weaker areas of the user rather than strengthening the already strong areas. This software also requires internet support to function.

2. ACT/PSAT/SAT 2012 Platinum

This application package contains 17 practice tests which is its most unique feature. In addition to study materials, it also includes a multimedia interface which is an interactive tool and flash card which is a tool to aid quick revision of the topics.

3. Academic Fitness SAT/PSAT and ACT Bootcamp

This application provides a comprehensive review of the preparatory materials that one looks for in any test preparation software. However, there is only one practice test for the test which is a major drawback of this package.

Summing up: a tip for the users of these software applications for ACT is that before paying for any order, they must check the contents of the application so that they are assured that the selected application meets their requirements completely.