Identifying a Good Preparation Course for ACT

How to Judge the Worth of an ACT Prep Course

Joining preparatory classes is one of the most popular means of preparing for any test. The question as to whether doing this is useful is entirely debatable. It depends from individual to individual as to whether one will benefit from enrolling in such classes or not. The utility of joining a test preparation course depends on the quality of the course as well as what you will gain from joining it.

Judging the Worth of an ACT Prep Course

The worth of any preparation course to an individual depends wholly on the individual himself. Hence, you should know what kind of training benefits you the most- online or offline. Courses that offer both options and are a mix of classroom teaching as well as online training are actually the best prep courses that you can get.

The next criteria you should take into consideration while choosing a course is to see whether you will do well in group studying or private tutoring. The ideal size of a group should not be more than 20-25 students.

The last criteria on the basis of which to judge the worth of a preparatory course is how many mock tests it provides you with during the course of your preparation. Do take into account other student's reviews of the coaching centers in your location. Word of mouth publicity is the best source by which you can judge the worth of a test preparation center. Now we will move on to discuss some of the more popular test preparation companies prevalent today.

Kaplan (

Kaplan provides both online as well as offline preparation courses. You will have to contact Kaplan to find out options of classroom courses near you. All information about the online courses is given on the site. Registration and payment, both are online. Options of private tutoring as well as group tutoring are provided in both online and offline settings. Some online courses are more suitable for those students who prefer self-study. These courses give you as much freedom and space to prepare for the test as you desire, but will also give you the benefit of obtaining guidance from an experienced teacher as and when you desire. This course by Kaplan can cost you anywhere ranging from $200 to $4800.

The Princeton Review (

The Princeton Review, like Kaplan, provides you with a mix of online and offline resources to prepare for the test. The company itself has to be contacted if you require information about local classroom based courses. Complete information about online courses is available on their website. There are a huge variety of courses which have been designed to suit the varying needs of students. Choose one which you find most suitable for you. These courses are priced in the range of $200 to $5200.

Revolutionary Prep (

Similar to Kaplan and The Princeton Review, this company also provides a complete package of online as well as offline preparation sources. The company follows a similar price range of $300 to $5200. A course counselor can be consulted to find out which course will be most suited to your needs. A free diagnostic test is provided by all these companies. You can also look at other test preparation companies or centers that are popular and enjoy a good brand name in your locality. There is always a chance that these centers will suit your needs better. Another point in favor of localized training centers is that their fee structure is not as steep as those of companies that have their centers all across the nation and, in some cases, all across the globe.