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Usually it is recommended for all those preparing for ACT to refer to at least two good ACT test preparation books for ACT. The question stands, as to how one should go about selecting these ACT test preparation books? There are no universally standardized books for ACT, as most websites claim there are. Choosing a good preparation book is entirely according to the whim of the test taker. However, if there is a book that offers many practice papers with tips and strategies for every question type, it is quite tempting to go and buy it, and rightly so, as it is recommended to use practice as a tool to get a good score. Since ACT has individual sections, it would be fair to use one book that holistically prepares you for ACT and use another for any shortcomings you may have in any particular section. Let's look at some of the options available:

ACT Test Preparation Books: A Review

1. McGraw-Hill's Conquering ACT English, Reading, and Writing: If acquiring tips and strategies to improve your verbal skills is on top of your mind, this book is the safest bet for you. This book is created by the most experienced ACT tutors, and it will help you crack almost any kind of question on verbal abilities. There are many practice questions available for building your test-taking capacities and building your confidence in both reading and writing. This is a good choice to achieve a strong verbal score from among all other ACT test preparation books. Additionally, the book offers many essay questions, for those who have taken up the optional Writing test. There are many writing tips that you will find to help you face any kind of questions in the Writing section. This book is a one-stop solution for getting better scores in three of the sections of ACT. To read more or for accessing other options, visit the following website:

2. EZ Solutions - Test Prep Series - Math Strategies - Alternate Methods - ACT (Edition: Updated. Version: Revised. 2012): EZ Solutions provides test preparation solutions for many of the competitive examinations, including ACT. This book is a comprehensive study of the Math section of ACT. It is known to cover almost all aspects of the Math section of ACT. The mathematical solutions provided in this book follow a step-by-step comprehensive procedure that can be understood by all. The book provides many powerful test-taking strategies and tips, including many problem solving techniques. There are multiple methods that are used to arrive at the same solution. This book basically gets you test-ready for ACT. Want to know more about how to get the book? Click on the following link:

3. Barron's ACT Math and Science Workbook: This the newest edition of the hands-on exercise book for Science and Math. This book presents you with new exercises, quizzes, problems solving techniques and thousands of tips and strategies for both Math and Science. Topics are covered keeping in mind the requirements for preparing for ACT Science and Math. However, the book emphasizes in teaching scientific methodology including data representation passages and hundreds of passages on research summaries. There is special emphasis on how to read scientific passages. There is also an extensive glossary of scientific terms in the book. Every chapter is inclusive of path-breaking strategies. Finally, there are full length practice tests meant for both the sections. Here is a bit more to read about the book:

4. The Real ACT Prep Guide (CD) 3rd Edition by ACT: You cannot miss the ACT official guide. ACT Inc. administers the ACT test and is obviously the best advisor on how to crack their own questions. The Real ACT Prep Guide clearly shows the reflection of the earlier ACT tests all over the book. This is the only book that provides 5 real ACT tests; something no other ACT test preparation books have been able to provide so far. You can make a purchase here:
You can try to combine any two of these ACT test preparation books for a thorough preparation.

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