Utility of Prep Software for ACT

Pros and Cons of Preparing from Software

You can use a lot of ways to prepare for ACT, which is a curriculum-based standardized test that helps in getting you college admission in countries, such as the U.S and Canada. ACT prep books, e-guides, online programs, software, video training, CDs and on-site courses are the different prep methods. This article provides the pros-cons and reviews of a few software available for preparing for the test.

Pros of preparing from ACT Preparation Software

Some of the advantages of using software while preparing for this test are as follows:

  • The software help in providing you individualized training unlike classroom-based training courses.
  • They serve as a more convenient study option.
  • They help in preparing for the ACT test at your own speed from the comfort of your home.
  • Most of them provide interactive lessons and practice tests.
  • They give you a simulated test-taking experience when you take the practice tests.
  • Some of them offer comprehensive diagnostic feedback for the practice tests to help determine your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas of the ACT test.

Cons of preparing from ACT Prep Software

The disadvantages of using preparatory software when preparing for the test are given below:

  • You need the system requirements that are suitable for using any particular software.
  • Only reliable and good quality software with interactive learning methods will be effective for your ACT preparation.
  • Various inadequate and unreliable software are also available online and in the markets and only those from reputed and trustworthy companies should be used.

ACT Prep Software that must be considered:

There are various free and paid software for ACT that are available in the market. However, you must choose only the one having the best features, such as reliability, good quality, cost efficiency and that should also be the latest version software. The following are the reviews of a few software that can be considered for test preparation.

ACT/SAT/PSAT Platinum 2012

ACT/SAT/PSAT Platinum 2012 is a comprehensive ACT software tool with multimedia interface and interactive subject tutorials. This software is an excellent substitute for online ACT courses or private tutoring ACT classes. The software helps in quickly improving your skills that are required for the test and is an excellent choice for reviewing mathematics, science strategies, vocabulary and grammar rules. It also includes useful practice tests.

ACT/SAT PowerPrep Premium from eKnolwedge

ACT/SAT PowerPrep Premium from eKnolwedge is a software with remarkable interface, and the best multimedia options. This software includes comprehensive lessons with more than 100 video workshops and quizzes. Though this software is expensive, it is highly valuable and effective for making more efficient  preparation.

ACT Prep Adaptive Learning Software

ACT Prep Adaptive Learning is intuitive software that helps in achieving higher scores through its interactive lessons and practice tests. The practice tests included in this software give you a simulated test-taking experience. This software provides immediate feedback after every practice test, as a means to improve your weaknesses.

Academic Fitness SAT PSAT & ACT Bootcamp

Academic Fitness SAT PSAT & ACT Bootcamp is a software for ACT preparation with useful learning tools for preparing for the actual test. The software includes a comprehensive review of the study materials along with brilliant scoring and skills-analysis tools. The software also includes lessons for reading, writing and scientific reasoning sections. However, the software includes only a few practice tests.

Finally, you should remember that you must use the most efficient software during your preparation for the ACT. The given reviews should give you an idea of the options available for ACT preparation through a software and these can easily be bought from online shops. However, ensure that you choose only reliable and good quality software which are of the latest version.