ACT Test Prep Courses

Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting an ACT Prep Course

With all colleges and universities in the US requiring an ACT or SAT score for their admission application processing, ACT is an important exam that can change your prospects. From self study to prep courses, you may prepare for ACT in a number of ways. Listed here are a few tips for selecting the best ACT prep course; along with snapshot reviews of three popular ACT test prep courses.

Tips for Selecting an ACT Prep Course

Just like any other prep course program, the ACT preparation also requires much more than curriculum-based studies and practicing. You need to make yourself familiar with the test along with building your confidence. With an impressive number of ACT test prep courses available, here are some vital pointers for selecting an ACT prep course:

  • The name of the provider matters a lot. Many a time, a name stands for the trust it has built over years, and the quality of the products/services.
  • Course content and customization options, schedules, accessibility, traveling time required, etc. are other important factors while choosing a program.
  • Your personal style of learning and the specific requirements for ACT preparation are some other vital factors while choosing a program.
  • The experience and expertise of instructors also counts a lot, and can help you achieve your targets.
  • Budget is another important concern or constraint many times.
  • Experience matters a lot. It is always wise to seek suggestions from those who have taken ACT before.
  • You can compare different program features and read reviews to decide among the prep courses. Listed here are the features of three popular ACT test prep courses:

1. ACT Online Prep

An online test preparation program from the official owners of ACT, this one is one of the most authentic and comprehensive ACT test prep courses around ( Here are a few of the important advantages of ACT Online Prep:

  • Comprehensive content - Each section of the ACT test is reviewed comprehensively. A separate section focuses on the Writing part.
  • Scored tests for self assessment - The diagnostic test included in the course can make you understand your strong and weak points and prepare accordingly.
  • Customized structure - The online course allows you to personalize your study plan and complete the program accordingly. This enables you to prepare at your own pace.
  • Real ACT questions for practice - All practice tests include questions from previous ACT tests.
  • Comprehensive info on the test - In addition to review materials and practice tests, you also find useful tips, test-taking strategies, and information about ACT scoring.
  • Competitive pricing - You can purchase the course online for less than $20 a year, which is a very good price compared to that of many other ACT test prep courses.

2. Complete ACT Prep: On Site

Offered by Kaplan, Complete ACT Prep is one of the widely popular, on site, ACT test prep courses among college aspirants ( The salient features of the program include:

  • Local availability within US - Classes are available throughout different US and Canada locations, in addition to many international locations.
  • Customizable structure - The Complete ACT Prep: On Site program can be tailored to suit your needs.
  • Comprehensive content - The course content is well-designed and developed to include all relevant topics with lesson books and flashcards. Quizzes and online workshops are also part of the course program. Four practice tests are included.
  • Instruction method - Direct instruction and group work are integral to this prep program, in addition to individualized practicing.
  • Kaplan guarantee - Just like any other Kaplan program, this ACT prep course also comes with the famous 'Kaplan Money Back Guarantee'.
  • Offer prices - Kaplan periodically offers many of its ACT programs at a reduced price! You may check out the official Kaplan website for more information (

3. ACT Cram Packs

As the name suggests, this is a last-minute prep program for ACT from The Princeton Review (TPR), one of the biggest names in the test prep industry ( For those who want to refresh their skills/academic topics, a cram pack is the best solution. Some of the significant features of this program are:

  • Quick review - ACT Cram Packs are designed for those who want a quick method to revise content and hone their preparations.
  • Private tutoring - This is a one-on-one tutoring program covered in three hours. The program is customized to cover all your specific requirements, and improve on the relevant areas to ensure success.
  • Experienced and expert tutors - By joining this program, you benefit from the guidance and expertise of the chosen TPR instructors.
  • Convenient timings - As the program is offered as private tutoring, your convenience matters. You may opt for web-based or face-to-face sessions and may add more hours based on your needs.

If you do a simple web search, you can find many more ACT test prep courses. However, the most important point while preparing for ACT is that you understand your requirements and choose the course that best suits your needs and budget.

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