Using E-Books for Studying for ACT

E-books for ACT Prep

Why E-Books for ACT Prep?

E-books are a relief from carrying around thick and heavy books. Most e-books are also much cheaper than their counterparts. The e-book versions of books for preparation are easy to download and purchase. Finding the updated versions of e-books is also easy, with regards to locating additional information. You can find some free e-book versions of  prep books online, that are quite useful for ACT. Test takers of this test will find e-books to be much more user-friendly, since it allows the use of graphics and visuals wherever necessary, which facilitates and promotes a better learning experience. Let us look at some of the e-books for test prep.

Review of the Best ACT Prep E-Books

1. ACT Sparknotes Test Prep: Firstly, Sparknotes is free. Sparknotes is a well-known website that offers learning resources for many subjects. ACT is one of them. There is an extensive chapter-wise distribution, right from the changes that have taken place in ACT testing, to reviews of each of the sections of ACT. Sparknotes is very useful to refer to if you would like to gain some insight into each of the sections. There is also a provision for practice tests along with solutions. Additionally, each of the sections has practice questions towards the end of the section. Sparknotes follows a very uniform way of teaching and is quite useful for ACT test prep. Here is a link that will take you to the Sparknotes website:

2. Cracking the ACT: 2012 Edition: The specialty of this e-book is that the resolution has been optimized for better on-screen reading. The question answers have been cross-linked, along with explanations and references, to facilitate answer patterns. You will also find 3 full-length practice tests with all-inclusive explanations for each of the sections. This includes reading comprehension for English and explanations on how to write the best essays. As compared to other books available for the same, you will find better strategies to fine-tune Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry sums in Cracking the ACT. There are questions on Science and Reasoning, including online tutorials and online lessons which come with a CD. To know more about the e-book, click on the following link:

3. ACT by Jerry Bobrow: This book is the product of the experts who had once written, 'Quick Review ACT'. This e-book promises a step-by-step guide to achieve the best results for ACT. They claim to have covered all the topics and sections in ACT and that the test takers needn't refer to any other book apart from this one. This book is a perfect guide among other  prep books for ACT, for those students who are preparing for the test by themselves. Please refer to the following website, if you want to buy this book:

4. Cliff's TestPrep ACT by Jerry Bobrow; William A. Covino; David A. Kay; Harold D. Nathan: Here is another book on ACT that has been co-authored by Jerry Bobrow. This book is one among the many from the Cliff's Test Prep Series. It offers many practice tests that have been inspired by the real tests papers. In order to fill the knowledge gaps, this e-book has been designed with a thorough backing of review questions. In addition to this, the book has tips on how to plan your career, how to get a scholarship for college etc, which most other such books do not add. You will also find a very effective action plan in the book, to help you prepare. The book will basically create a standardized test environment for you to prepare in. Here is a website that will give you more information regarding this book:

E-books are a pleasure to refer to if the sources are authentic. Many times online resources and materials cannot be trusted. The above-mentioned books are famous and standardized and can be trusted with the information they provide and  it is advisable to double check any other book, that you would like to refer to for your ACT prep, for authenticity of information.