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What is a Diagnostic Test?

Ideally your preparation should start with an initial  practice test which is also known as the Diagnostic Test. Taking the Diagnostic Test is a very important step in preparation. It helps you immensely in identifying your weaknesses and strengths. The result of this initial practice test plays a very important role in determining your chances of scoring high in the ACT.

The Diagnostic Test may not be able to accurately forecast your performance in the actual test, but it definitely gives you a fair idea of the subject areas where you need to put in extra effort. The results of the Diagnostic Test will reflect the level of your knowledge and skills in the subject areas which are tested. You can use this information to plan your  preparation in such a way that you are able to dedicate extra time and effort in developing your skills in the weaker subject areas.

Will an ACT Test Prep Course be useful?

After you have carried out the initial Diagnostic Test, you should compare your weak subject areas with the content tested. If you find that your weaknesses are related with a major part of the content tested by the ACT then it would be advisable for you to register for a course.

There are a number of institutes that conduct classes for preparation and online courses. It is quite possible that you may like to enroll with an institute because of its proximity to your home or because of a cheaper registration fee. It is necessary for you to validate the antecedents of the institute before you enroll for a course with them, else you will end up realizing that all the time, effort and money have gone in vain because the course was not up to the mark. It is advisable to go in for reputed institutes or those institutes which have been highly recommended by close friends who themselves have found their courses useful.

The teachers who take the classes at good institutes are highly experienced in training students for preparation. Some of the courses include the initial Diagnostic Test as the first step of their course curriculum. They then design a course suitably modified to meet your requirements. You will be assessed by your teachers regularly through practice tests and you will receive constant guidance on improving your subject specific skills. You are free to ask the teachers any queries that you may have and the teachers make an endeavor to answer all your questions. You will also have an access to a wide variety of study materials as a part of your course curriculum.

Keeping the above factors in mind you can draw the conclusion that a carefully selected course will definitely be helpful in  preparing for ACT test.

How can I prepare for ACT Test by self study?

After taking the initial Diagnostic Test there will be some of you who feel that they will be able to carry out their preparation by self study. There are a lot of resources available to help you in your study plan. Collect your study material judiciously. Chalk out a detailed study plan for yourself and try to stick to it as far as possible. Set aside a couple of hours daily for your study. Don't leave anything for the last week before the test.

Remember that overconfidence in yourself can let you down at a time when you least expect it to. Even if you feel that you are in touch with your studies, you should carry out extensive review of the content tested and you should keep taking practice tests regularly. A test plan which has adequate practice tests will help you fine tune your academic and time management skills.

There is no reason for you to be upset if you are not able to score high in the ACT in your first attempt. You can always plan on a retest to improve your test scores. You may take a remedial course to pay adequate stress on the subject areas in which you have not been able to score high. A large number of high school students are able to gain admission to colleges of their choice every session, so can you. All that you require is sustained hard work and a dedicated plan for preparation for achieving your aim.

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