Why is ACT Test Prep required?

If you are planning to take the ACT test, then you are one of the thousands of high school students who apply for admissions to their desired college programs in order to realize their career aspirations. There are limited seats available for each program of study offered by colleges. So it is obvious that the college admission committees need an appropriate tool to separate the suitable applicants from the ones who do not meet their requirements. The ACT score report is the most effective tool used by almost all colleges across the US for this purpose. The ACT scores help the college admission committees in comparing the intellect, academic skills and subject knowledge of all the applicants irrespective of the high schools from where they've carried out their studies.

Hence, there is a lot of competition among high school students to score high in the ACT and get admissions to reputed colleges. You have to put in sustained hard work to get an edge over the others and qualify for admission to a college program of your choice. This is possible only with the help of a dedicated and well planned ACT Test Prep. You should always remember that there are a number of students competing against you for the same seat in the college program of your choice and they are working hard to do better than you. This reason is enough for you to pull up your socks and get ready for a rigorous ACT Test Prep if you want to earn an ACT score report which is better than that of your competitors.

Most high school students are under the impression that they do not need detailed ACT Test Prep since the content tested by the ACT is of the high school level and they are still in touch with their high school studies. However, contrary to this popular belief, you do require extensive ACT Test Prep to do well in the ACT test.

When should I start ACT Test Prep?

The common trend among high school students is that they take the ACT when they are still in their junior year. Taking the ACT before your junior year may not be feasible because the content tested by the ACT is of the high school level. So, you may have to review a lot of content which has not yet been covered in your high school curriculum.

Taking the ACT in junior year is ideal because it gives you time to take a retest, if you want, when you are in senior year. Also, by the time you are in the junior year at a high school, you would have already been taught a major portion of the content tested by the ACT. Therefore, you should plan on selecting an ACT test date which falls in the spring of your junior year. The time which is perfect for you to commence your ACT Test Prep is about two months before the ACT test date.

What are the ACT Test Prep materials?

Before actually starting off with your ACT Test Prep, you should collect the required ACT Test Prep materials. The ACT Test Prep materials will consist of ACT prep books and ACT practice tests. You should ensure that the ACT prep book that you pick up has adequate information about the format of the ACT including the types of questions asked in the ACT test. Preferably the ACT book should contain sufficient explanations for the answers to its practice test questions. It is highly recommended that you select The Real ACT Prep Guide as one of your ACT Test Prep materials. This book contains authentic information about the ACT test format as it has been prepared by the same company that administers the ACT. This book also contains questions from previous ACT tests. This ACT guide is readily available in most bookstores and you can even place an order for it on which is the ACTs web site. You can log on to this web site for detailed information on ACT Test Prep and ACT online courses.

You will find a number of ACT Test Prep guides in local bookstores as well as on It is advisable to check out the utility of an ACT book before buying it for your ACT Test Prep. You can take the advice of students who have already taken the ACT. They will be able to guide you in selecting the most appropriate book. It is preferable to select a book that has adequate practice tests. You have to take as many practice tests as possible in order to be well prepared for the ACT test. You can pick up ACT practice tests from web sites like and

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