Online Registration for ACT Test

Pros and Cons of ACT Online Registration

Registration is an essential feature of ACT. It is after registration that the test taker can take the test. There are two types of registration through which a test taker can register. One is register by mail and the other is online registration.

Introduction to Online Registration

Online registration is a process by which a test taker can register for ACT through the internet. Online registration is a fast way to register. Online registration can be carried out through a set of easy steps. The steps are discussed below.

Steps of Online Registration

1. Create a Web Account

ACT encourages its test takers to create a free web account. A test taker can create his web account here: For creation of a web account, a test taker needs to fill identifying information like his/her name, date of birth, email address and social security number.

2. Fill the registration form

After the student web account is created, a test taker can visit his account to fill in the details required for registration. ACT uses the information provided by the test taker to help him/her in many ways like allotting a test center and a test date, preparing of score card, dispatching of score card to his high school and to his preferred colleges etc.

3. Make Payment

Once the test taker has filled in the registration form completely, he needs to pay the registration fee. Payment can be made through a valid credit card: MasterCard, American Express, VISA card or DISCOVER.

With this the online registration is complete. A student can log in later to update or change few permissible fields like test date, test option, college choice etc.

Pros of  Online Registration

There are a number of benefits of registering for ACT through the online mode.

1. Fast Method

It is a fast method of registration and so it saves a lot of time. Creation of student web account does not take much time.

2. Flexibility to the Test Taker

Creation of web account for the purpose of registration provides flexibility to the test taker. He can visit his account anytime at his convenience to fill in the registration form before the due date of registration.

3. Changes in the Registration Form

One important feature of online registration is that the test taker can make the changes in certain fields of the registration form. This is not possible in a mailed form.

4. Immediate Response

While carrying out online registration, a test taker immediately gets response. For instance if a test taker has filled a certain test centre as his preferred location for testing and that centre does not have a seat for him, it immediately gets reflected in the form and the user is prompted to select another test centre.

5. Interactive Tool

Online registration to a certain extent is an interactive tool in which the user is guided accordingly. There are also sample screen shots of filled in registration forms available which guide the test taker to fill the form correctly.

Cons of Online Registration

Though online registration test is an effective tool to register, it has got a few shortcomings.

1. Dependent on Availability of Internet

In order to register online, a test taker needs to have internet accessibility. Many test takers do not have internet access which is a hindrance in registration process.

2. System and Browser Combination

Many times test takers face difficulty in logging into the webpage of ACT. This problem is due to the mismatch in the personal computer system and the browser combination. However, ACT provides information on the browser and system combination supporting registration here:

No doubt the benefits of online registration outshine its disadvantages. Online registration is an efficient and quick way to register for ACT.