Register for ACT Test Locations:

There are a number of locations that are offered for the test every year across America and Canada. The locations that are offered for the test every year are never less than 200. In 2007, 230 centers were offered across America. To view the test places across the country all you have to do is to access the internet. Fill up the country, province, territory, state and the list will be displayed on the screen. There is no hard and fast rule that all the locations will be the same for every test date.

With effect from 2007-2008 if you are appearing for the ACT from a place which fall outside the territory of America or Canada , then you will have to register by web. Candidates who are not residents of  territories belonging to America or Canada cannot apply for the registration packets. If you wish to choose some international locations you will have to first create a student web account, then you will be able to register for the international ACT centers.

In order to create a web account you will have to fill up all the columns with all the necessary information required to set the account, then you will have to press the register now button and in the end you must follow all the instructions that will get displayed on the web page so that the registration gets completed. The payment for the web account will have to be made through a credit card.

To register for  a computer-based test you must get in touch with the concerned authorities and obtain complete information regarding the procedure of getting the registration done along with the fee that you will have to pay. For having a view of the location map you can visit and enter the zip code and click the submit button.

A Few Responsibilities to be Kept in Mind

The test location must have professional staff and maintain high security standards and nowadays all the locations should conduct the tests in the computer based format. They must provide a wide range of services to the candidates who enroll for the test. The test place has to be very particular about conducting the ACT test on the specified test dates. At the  test location you will be responsible for your own belongings.

You should make it a point to arrive at the  center at least 45 minutes prior to the test timing so that you get time to fill up all the required documents provided to you at the center. As limited seats are allotted,  if you want to get the ACT test appointment canceled, you should inform the testing authorities beforehand so that your seat could be given to some other candidate. All the test location should have glass windows in the test rooms so that the proctor can keep an eye on the examinees. The test center must also have CCTV's so that a close check could be kept at the examinees.

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