ACT Test Locations 2012

The most preferred ACT test locations in 2012

ACT is a curriculum-based examination offered to high school students. It is considered as a preferred career planning tool by the test takers, which evaluates their eagerness to pursue college studies. The scores of ACT allow the college authorities to take decisions regarding the admission and course placement of the test takers. Moreover, the score of ACT also reveals the knowledge and skills that the test takers have acquired in high school, and the questions of the ACT test pertain to the standard of high school.

ACT test contains the following five sections:

  • English: In this section, there are 75 multiple-choice questions that measure the rhetorical and Standard English skills of the test takers.

  • Mathematics: This section consists of 60 questions that test the high school mathematical skills of the test takers. The questions in this section are related to what they have learned till the beginning of grade 12.

  • Science: There are 40 questions in this section related to natural sciences.

  • Reading: In this section, the test takers have to answer 40 questions based on passages for reading comprehension.

  • Writing Test (Optional): This is an optional section consisting of one writing prompt. This section is to be completed and attempted by the test takers according to the requirements of the colleges in which they intend to apply.

ACT Test Locations ( for United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and US territories)

In order to know the ACT test locations 2012, the test takers of United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the territories of US should log on to By following this link, these test takers will be able to locate the ACT test locations 2012 along with the forthcoming ACT test dates. The ACT test locations 2012 can be searched by the name of the cities in different regions of the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and the US territories. The test takers may not find a preferred test location on a scheduled test date in a particular region; however, they will get an opportunity to select other ACT test locations 2012.

If there is no test location within a distance of 50 miles from the residence of a test taker, he/she can ask for Arranged Testing subject to the following criteria:

  • Those test takers who are unable to take the test on Saturday due to religious observance and there is no test center on non-Saturday testing dates within 50 miles of their residence.

  • Test takers with physical disabilities and those who are confined to hospital on the day of the test.

  • The test takers from those countries where ACT test locations 2012 are not available on a scheduled test date.

For instance, the ACT test locations 2012 for Montgomery are available in Faulkner University, Alabama State University, Auburn University Montgomery etc. Similarly, the test takers can look for their preferred ACT test locations for other cities and territories also.

ACT Test Locations for International Students

Those test takers who belong to a foreign location (other than United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and US territories) should register online by creating a Student Web Account to complete the registration formalities. The list of confirmed test locations for ACT 2012 can be obtained at the time of registration; however the test takers can log on to to enquire about the test locations in respective countries. These test takers can also avail Arranged Testing, but they should fulfill the criteria for availing his facility. For instance, in Australia, the ACT test locations for 2012 are available for Canberra, City Beach, North Sydney and New South Wales. Similarly the preferred locations for ACT can be obtained from the above web link for other countries where ACT will be held in 2012.


Choosing an appropriate location for the ACT test is the key to achieve success in this test and it allows the test takers to fulfill their academic goals.

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