Location for ACT

Where Should You Take the ACT

Introduction to ACT Centers

It is mandatory for the test takers to decide on their preferred test location before they complete their registration for the ACT. The test center locations are branched as: test centers within the United States, the U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico and Canada and the international test centers. There is also a third way to procure a center, which is by requesting for arranged testing.

ACT Locations within the U.S., the U.S. Territories, Puerto Rico and Canada

To search for your preferred test center location and the scheduled test dates, you need to visit the official website of ACT and choose the state/province/territory. You can further narrow down your search by typing out the full name or part of the name of your city. If you do know the name of the center, you can also type that out. Do not enter the name of your metropolitan area, since the test centers are listed under city names.

It is preferable to apply as early as possible to avoid confusion or rush. See to it that the test center is near your area and easily reachable. To select your center go to the following website: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/centers.html

International ACT Centers and Arranged Testing

International students have been provided with the opportunity to take the test in their countries. You will first need to check if there is already an ACT test center available in your country. Remember that every test center is not scheduled on every test date. For international applicants, you need to first create a free ACT Student Web Account. If there are no test location in your country, request for an arranged testing. Additionally, arranged testing can also be availed by those who don't have an ACT test center within 50 miles from their homes. Look up the following website to search for an international location: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/outside.html

More Info

  • If you have not been assigned the location for ACT test of your choice, it is possible that this is because the test center may have been unavailable or full. You can be assured that ACT will assign you a test center close to you residence. However, if you are not satisfied with the change, you can make changes in your test center preference by logging into your ACT Student Web Account and selecting the option of 'make changes to your registration'. This can be done before the late registration deadline is up. Alternatively, you can also call the ACT Registration. If there is room, you will be assigned your preferred test center at an additional charge.

  • If you miss the late registration deadline, you can change your test center location on the test day. You need to arrive early at your preferred test center on the test day. Should there be a vacancy, you will be admitted. You will be charged a $21 for the change of test center, but do not carry the payment with you on the test day, as you will be charged with the additional fee later.

  • Home bound or confined students (in a hospital or correction center) can opt for arranged testing. In this case, they need not register. They need to ask their counselor or a school official to complete the form: 'Request for Arranged Testing'.

  • Students who requested for 'extended time' testing will be provided a test center close by with the provision of extended time seat. This may be different from the test center on your admission ticket at the time of your registration.'

  • Test centers may be closed due to bad weather conditions. In such cases, you need to check the website for the rescheduling of test dates.

Remember that all ACT test centers function on first-come first-served basis for registration. Once you have completed your registration, ACT will send you a confirmation along with the applicable rules and directions to the test center.