Information about ACT through Preparation Courses:

You can obtain information about the test through various preparation courses. The best means of gathering the details is through a classroom program. In these classroom programs, the subject experts are invited who provide complete guidance to the students. You are free to ask any question related to the test.
A few agencies also run such telephone services through which you can obtain information. All you have to do is to dial the particular number and ask for the details regarding the test. The telephone lines are open during weekdays.
In order to gather information, you can also enroll into a good tuition center. The instructors present there will provide you with all the necessary details. It is generally given in a group, but if you desire, you can go in for private one- to- one tutoring, but is such a case, you will have to pay a little extra for such a service.

ACT Test Registration:

You wont be able to appear for the test until and unless you get yourself registered. So, you must first collect all the information related to registration. The details about registration can be gathered online or you can visit the nearest test registration center and enquire.
The advantage of gathering information through internet is that it is the fastest means of understanding the particulars. Also you need not step out of your house and can obtain the information at any time.
Whereas, if you visit the registration center, you may have to wait for some time. However, on the other hand, if you have any doubt regarding registration, you can ask the authorities present there and get your doubts cleared.
You can also gather the details on registration through fax or through telephone. This will help you know which all documents are needed while registering for the test and the deadline before which the registration needs to be done.

Sources of ACT Information:

Details about the test can be taken from internet, as it is the fastest and the easiest means. To get it online, you need to first enroll yourself and for enrolling you will have to pay a certain amount as enrollment fee.
The other source is the ACT books. There are many good books available in the markets which provide complete information and that too in easy and simple language. These books act as permanent sources of exam information.
CDs also act as an important source in providing information about the test which are easily available and can be operated easily. They also contain the expert views of the authorities and acquaint you with the various rules and regulations.
Thus, you must make it a point to gather complete and authentic information as it will help you have in depth knowledge of what the test is all about.

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